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College Magazine

In September of 1868, our college published the first issue of a trade magazine simply named "The Pharmacist." The magazine you see before you today is named in honor of that historic journal.

Academic Year 2018/2019

Academic Year 2017/2018

Academic Year 2016/2017

Academic Year 2015/2016



Academic Year 2018/2019

The Pharmacist - Spring 2019

Mapping Success: UIC’s Infectious Diseases Pharmacotherapy Section is one of the largest and oldest such fellowship programs in the country. American Dream: Dr. Bhavesh Patel and Carepoint Pharmacy are changing the landscape of independent pharmacy. From Asia to UIC and Back Again: Dr. Chaitanya Aggarwal’s career has been an adventurous trip. Keep Learning: Dr. Scott Conry’s drive for perpetual improvement began at UIC.

The Pharmacist - Winter 2019

Happy Accidents: The accident that created a decades-long partnership with the World Health Organization; PhLames: Mentorship program strikes the right match; Retzky Donation: The Herb and Carol Retzky Simulation Center will open in the fall of 2019.

The Pharmacist - Fall 2018

Taking on Opioids - As the opioid epidemic grips communities across the nation, pharmacists have a big role to play in finding a solution. Elevate - The revised PharmD curriculum raises the bar on education. Windows into Industry - As students contemplate careers in industry, the UIC College of Pharmacy positions them to succeed.

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Academic Year 2017/2018

The Pharmacist - The Clinical Issue/ Summer 2018

On The Cutting Edge: A close-up look at our innovative pharmacy services. A Perfect Fit For 3 Decades: UIC's renowned residency program has thrived under Frank Paloucek. Momentum: The Drug Information Group is providing valuable service to industry partners.

The Pharmacist - The Research Issue/Spring2018

Moving Forward: Welcome Dr. Glen Schumock as UIC College of Pharmacy Dean. Engage: Dr. Mike Koronkowski and his team are on the leading edge of eldercare education. Bridging the Gap: An online course aims to close the gap between pharmacy and public health. Top Honors: Three professors were awarded named professorships for their work.

The Pharmacist - The Giving Issue/Winter 2017/2018

Igniting Change: UIC College of Pharmacy embarks on a bold effort to build on its legacy. A Boost of Curb Appeal: The POZEN Plaza is adding a new look to the exterior of the Chicago campus. Sparking the Future: A new giving campaign will see the College of Pharmacy raise $35 million dollars by 2022.

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Academic Year 2016/2017

Annual Report 2017

A look back at the achievements of the 2016-2017 school year.

The Pharmacist - The Clinical Issue/Summer 2017 

The Last Line of Defense: A Chicago Tribune investigation exposed widespread errors in community pharmacy. Matters of the Mind: Spotlighting the vital role pharmacists can play in neurocritical care

The Pharmacist - The Research Issue/Spring 2017

New Name, Daring Mission: The Center for Biomolecular Sciences is more than a new name, it’s a new way of thinking. Reaching Out: UIC College of Pharmacy is bringing science to the community! Comparative Advantage: New online masters degree is a real gamechanger.

The Pharmacist - The Giving Issue/Winter 2017

A Launching Pad: The Hans Vahlteich Award has been the launching pad for many young researchers in the College of Pharmacy. Hands On: UIC College of Pharmacy officially opens their new compounding lab space. Ready To Work: UIC and Takeda Pharmaceuticals forge a one-of-a-kind partnership.

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Academic Year 2015/2016

Annual Report 2016

A look back at the achievements of the 2015-2016 school year.

The Pharmacist - The Clinical Issue/Summer 2016 

Up from the Basement: How Clinical Pharmacy Came to UIC - A historical look at UIC's clinical pharmacy practice. The Forefront of Clinical Pharmacy - How our current clinical pharmacy model is leading the way in education. Alumni features: Ted Gladson, Tom Westerkamp

The Pharmacist - The Research Issue/Spring 2016 

Earth's Mightiest Researchers - Super Researchers battling Superbugs! Making Discovery Marketable - Seungpyo Hong's invention helps discover circulating tumor cells. Research Day. Alumni Reunion.

The Pharmacist - The Giving Issue/Winter 2016

Giving and Growing Together: A Culture of Philanthropy - A series of stories about giving to the college in various ways. Botanical Breakthroughs - the UIC/NIH Center for Botanical Dietary Supplements gets $9 Million in funding. Craig Kueltzo wins Independent Pharmacy Award.

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