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Room Reservations

There are currently two departmental conference rooms: 331-333 PHARM and 576 PHARM. If you would like to schedule a meeting in one of the Departmental conference rooms, please check the calendars (link below) to be sure it is free, and then contact the Department Office to make your reservation (tel: 6-7245, e-mail:

Conference Room 331-333 PHARM
Room size: approx. 20' x 20' square.

Features: 12' conference table, SmartBoard with integrated projector, computer, and video conferencing capabilities.

Seats 10-12 people around the table with additional seating around the sides of the room.

331-1 (Formatted).jpg331-2 (Formatted).jpg331-3 (Formatted).jpg331-4 (Formatted).jpg331-5 (Formatted).jpg331-6 (Formatted).jpg

Conference Room 576 PHARM
Room size: approx. 18' x 12' 

Features: 10' x 3.5' conference table, 65" wall-mounted LED/LCD display with a Windows PC, connections for your own computer in the center of the table (HDMI w/adapters for DP/mini-DP, power, ethernet), and a white board on the opposite wall. (There is NO video conferencing equipment in this room.)

Seats 8-10 people.


If the Department's conference rooms are not available or does not meet the requirements for your meeting, there are other rooms available in the College of Pharmacy:


The newly renovated classrooms and conference rooms on 2-North are convenient choices. Each classroom has a 65" plasma screen and a podium computer w/notebook connections and a DVD/VCR player, tables and chairs are wheeled/movable to suit your requirements.

  • 204 / 208 PHARM (can be combined into one larger room by opening partition wall)
  • 212 / 216 PHARM (can be combined into one larger room by opening partition wall)

Conference Rooms: 
Each room has a 55" plasma screen and a conference table with a computer and video conferencing capabilities.

  • 219 PHARM
  • 220 PHARM

Contact Cathy Ami ( 6-3997 to reserve the new rooms on 2-North.


All of these conference rooms have computers, screens, and video conferencing capabilities.

  • Dean's Conference Room 145 PHARM
  • Dean's Conference Room 177 PHARM
  • Dean's Conference Room 270 PHARM
  • PSOP Conference Room 260 PHARM
  • Pharmacy Practice Conference Room


Rooms 111 and 231 are "Smart Classrooms" with ceiling mounted data projectors, computers, and video conferencing capabilities.

  • Room 6 PHARM
  • Room 8 PHARM
  • Room 111 PHARM
  • Room 231 PHARM


Each lecture room has a ceiling mounted data projector, an overhead projector, and a podium with computers, notebook hookups, and video conferencing capabilities.

  • 134-1 PHARM
  • 134-2 PHARM
  • 134-3 PHARM
  • 32 PHARM
  • 36 PHARM

To reserve conference rooms, please contact the appropriate department office. To reserve classrooms and lecture rooms, contact Cathy Ami ( 6-3997.