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CARMA Seminar

CARMA Graduate-Level Seminar

One of the key activities of the CARMA project is a graduate-level seminar that provides an opportunity for faculty and graduate students to discuss state-of-the-art peer-reviewed articles rlated to the use of observational data to examine associations between medications and adverse events or beneficial outcomes.

Course Objectives

Identify, catalog, annotate and discuss contemporary research articles in the following areas: 

  1. Development of new data sources for use in 'real world' study of safety and effectiveness;
  2. Novel methods in signal detection utilizing 'real world' data;
  3. Measurement of exposure;
  4. Outcome measurement and definitions;
  5. Assessment and handling of bias; and
  6. Development of prediction models.

Student Responsibilities

Students participating in the graduate-level seminar undertake the following activities: 

  1. Review tables of content of new issues from an assigned journal list to identify any CARMA-relevant articles;
  2. Add CARMA-relevant articles to shared database for annotation assignment;
  3. Submit brief annotated summaries of assigned articles;
  4. Lead discussion of at least one journal article over the course of the semester; and
  5. Actively participate in article discussion during each weekly meeting.