Ask a Student Pharmacist – Kasia Szaflarska

Kasia Szaflarska

Kasia's career aspirations, shaped by personal experience

UIC College of Pharmacy students are some of the best and brightest student pharmacists in the nation. In this new series, Ask a Student Pharmacist, we connect with some of our students, asking them to share more about themselves and their academic interests. We hope this series sheds light on what today's student pharmacists are working on and can show what it's like to be a student pharmacist at the UIC College of Pharmacy.

Kasia Szaflarska, P4

My name is Kasia Szaflarska and I am a fourth-year pharmacy student, currently on APPE rotations. Up to this point in my pharmacy career, I have found particular interest in pharmacy administration, as well as solid organ transplant pharmacy and ambulatory care pharmacy. On September 28th, I plan to attend the North Suburban Pharmacists of Chicagoland (NSP) Program, "Solid Organ Transplant Pearls for the Non-Transplant Pharmacist." Solid organ transplant pharmacy will always be near and dear to my heart, and there are countless reasons why I was interested in attending this program, a few of which I will cover here.

Throughout my first three years of pharmacy school, I was fortunate to take part in a number of research projects that looked at the safety and efficacy of immunosuppressive therapy regimens in transplant recipients, and identifying ways to extend the longevity of an organ while minimizing organ damage and preventing organ rejection. Throughout this time, I also had the privilege of shadowing and working with a number of clinical pharmacists specializing in solid organ transplant pharmacy, each who further inspired me to pursue a career within this specialty. Finally, being a transplant recipient myself, I have always been interested in learning more about pharmacological and technical advancements in the world of solid organ transplantation.

By attending this program, I hope to expand my knowledge about immunosuppressive drug-drug interactions, learn how to better identify and resolve issues that may impact a patient’s ability to obtain immunosuppressive medications in a timely manner, and identify potential drug shortages and formulation changes that may affect transplant recipients. Through my ever-growing knowledge, I not only want to continue raising awareness about organ donation but I also hope to better advocate and care for patients who, like myself, received a transplant. One of my life goals is to help transplant patients achieve the highest quality of life while helping them minimize and prevent the risk of potential organ rejection and adverse events. Solid organ transplantation has come a long way, and it is amazing to see the rise of living donors through the years. I continue to have more hope for the future of transplant pharmacy with each passing innovation and aspire to use my knowledge to help positively impact those in need of a solid organ transplant.