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Summer Series – Jomar Medina Ortiz


Our Summer Series highlights student pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists who are doing summer internships or fellowships.

Jomar Medina Ortiz, rising P2, recently started a position as a Commercial Intern for AbbVie, Puerto Rico.

“I found my internship through LinkedIn. I was able to contact a Human Resources representative to learn about summer opportunities for PharmD students. After submitting my application, I went through a process of two interviews and, after being evaluated, they offered me an opportunity to participate in their internship program, working in the Commercial department of AbbVie, Puerto Rico.”

Jomar first completed an internship with AbbVie as an undergraduate student at the University of Puerto Rico – Mayaguez. After this experience, he decided he wanted to become a pharmacist and sought out more information about pharmacy schools. “A friend of mine who had participated in the Summer Pharmacy Institute (SPI) at UIC College of Pharmacy in 2017, talked to me about her experience there, how well they treated her and the things that she learned during SPI. Thanks to her, I applied for SPI and was able to participate in 2018.”

Due to his positive experience in SPI, he put UIC College of Pharmacy at the top of his list when applying to pharmacy school. “The way the Office of Student Affairs, the faculty and students treated us, and how much they value diversity, made me put UIC as my top choice for pharmacy school.”

Jomar started his internship on June 15, where he met his program staff and mentors. He describes the unique circumstances of his internship. “It has been a new experience for me because, due to COVID-19, it is a completely virtual internship. Currently, I am working in the Marketing department, in one of the company products focused on the rheumatology disease state. So far, it has been a gratifying experience filled with learning, which I’m positive will help in my development as a pharmacist.”