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Neehr Perfect Student account creation guide

I. Introduction

If you’re here then you need to setup Neehr Perfect student account! Below are step by step instructions on how to set up your Neehr Perfect student account.Before you start you will need a Student Program key. PLEASE TAKE NOTE: UIC’s Pharmacy Student Program Key is S39N42, this will be important in the next few steps.

  • Neehr Perfect is web-based and can be accessed from any location with an internet connection through any browser.
  • Find more information under the Help section after you’ve logged in.
  • Our 24/7 Help Desk is available at or 877-907-2186

II. Creating Your Account

If you’re a brand new user, please go to and select Subscribe in the upper, right-hand corner.

Web 1.JPG

You will now be at the Neehr Perfect Registration page shown below.

Student Guide to Neehr Perfect Go! 2.jpg

This is where you enter the Student Program Key code that is listed above. Just as a reminder UIC's Pharm Student Program Key is S39N42.

Note! The Neehr Perfect Help Desk cannot give out Program Keys – you must receive them from the Neehr Perfect faculty contact at your school.

After selecting Validate Program Key, you will be asked to create your account. Please enter your name and contact information. It is highly recommended that you enter the email address associated with your school or institution. This will be used in the future if you forget your login credentials.

Next, choose a Username and Password (you may want to write them down) then select Create Account.

Student Guide to Neehr Perfect Go! 3.jpg

If your account creation was successful, you will see the following confirmation page and will receive an email with your credentials for future reference. Proceed to Section IV of this guide to apply your subscription.

Student Guide to Neehr Perfect Go! 4.jpg

Possible error messages:

  1. The requested Username is already in use: Another Neehr Perfect user has alreadychosen that username. Please select another username to proceed.
  2. The email address you entered is associated with an existing account: You alreadyhave an existing account and DO NOT need to create a new one. Click the link to haveyour login credentials resent and you will receive an email immediately.

III. Applying your Subscription

Neehr Perfect requires a subscription for use and you’ll be prompted to apply or purchase a subscription the first time you log-in. Open your browser and go to to begin the log-in process. Select Login in the upper, right corner.

Web 2.JPG

Enter your Username and Password that you setup or received by email. Then click Sign In.

Student Guide to Neehr Perfect Go! 6.jpg

The first time you log-in, you’ll be prompted to review and accept the End User Agreement; then you will be brought to the Go! Network.

After accepting the Agreement, you will be redirected to your profile. Select the Apply a Subscription link.

Web 3.JPG

Depending on how your school’s account is setup, you may be prompted to enter an activation code and/or purchase a subscription online. Activation codes may be obtained through some bookstores or may come from your instructor. Check with your instructor if you’re unsure how your subscription is managed.

If you received an activation code, enter it and select Apply, otherwise if you’re purchasing online select Purchase next to the subscription term you’d like to buy. You’ll then be brought to the eCommerce page to enter your credit card or bank account information.

If you are purchasing online, please select the "Semester (Up to 16 Weeks) Student Subscription" for $65.00.

Web 4.JPG

After applying an activation code or purchasing the subscription, you will receive aconfirmation message and can then navigate Neehr Perfect.