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Room and Equipment Reservations

Conference rooms, classrooms, and a wide variety of equipment are available for use by faculty, staff and student organizations. 

Classroom Reservations

All classroom space in the College of Pharmacy must be reserved through the Office of Academic Affairs. To request a classroom reservation, please fill out the Classroom Reservation Request Form and submit to Cathy Ami ( Please allow at least 48 hours for processing of request. To reserve other conference rooms not listed on this form, please contact the appropriate department.

Please note: Room reservations for student organization events held after 5:30pm requires a request to be made in writing to the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs in Office of Student Affairs (Debra Agard Student organizations holding events after 5:30pm must have a faculty member/adviser present.

Conference Room Reservations

To reserve Chicago conference rooms, please contact the appropriate department listed below. To reserve Rockford conference rooms, please contact Krista Kennedy ( or Lauren Corey (

Conference Rooms 145, 177, or 270 – Deanna Cowens, Office of the Dean.

Conference Room 154 – Paula Fleming, Office of Student Affairs.

Conference Room 166B – Visit the front desk of Pharmacy Practice, Suite 166.

Conference Room 260 –, Department of Pharmacy Systems Outcomes and Policy.

Conference Rooms 219 or 220 – Cathy Ami, Office of Academic Affairs.

TALK Center Room Reservations

Complete this form to reserve the Recording Studio, Visiting Faculty Office, or Conference Room. Visit the Talk Center page to view descriptions of each space before making a reservation.

TALK Center Room Reservations Form

Equipment Reservations

Equipment checkout is located in the Office of Academic Affairs, Room 184C. Loaner equipment includes laptops, data projectors, cameras, HD Camcorders, panel microphones, tripods, extension cords, and the Audience Response System (ARS) Clickers. First priority is given to class-related needs. Students may be required to present a valid Student ID and have faculty authorization when checking out equipment. To make an equipment reservation, please fill out the Equipment Reservation Request Form and submit to Nicole Soldat ( Once this form is submitted, you will be contacted by email to confirm your reservation. Please note that checkout reservations must be made at least 48 hours in advance. Equipment that is returned damaged or with missing parts will result in a fee.

If equipment will be used off-campus, UIC policy requires an Equipment Loan to Employees Form.pdf to also be completed. This form requires Adobe Acrobat Reader and will not work with some browsers' default built-in PDF viewers.  If you cannot open the form in your browser, right click on the form's link, choose to save it on your computer, and open it directly in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Enter the beginning and ending dates of the time equipment will remain off-campus. The loan term must not be more than one year (“permanent,” “indefinite,” etc., are not allowable loan terms). The term may be extended annually. If extended, enter the new ending period on the form, and have both the borrower and the unit representative initial the extension date. All agreements must therefore be reevaluated at least annually.