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Educational Technology

Blackboard Learn

Blackboard Learn is the primary Learning Management System (LMS) at UIC. Karin Riggs, our instructional designer, is availabile to meet with you in your office to provide a Blackboard training that will meet your needs & answer your specific questions. email The TALK Center at to schedule an appointment. For a quick overview of how Blackboard works, take a look at the Blackboard youtube channel. CLICK HERE. 

Echo360 Lecture Capture

All pharmacy core courses are recorded, excluding recitations. Instructors for elective courses may choose whether or not to have sessions recorded (on a per semester basis). Review sessions, seminars, trainings, and other events may be recorded upon request. Please make sure to fill out the Lecture Request Form at the beginning of the year for your course, or at least 42 hours before an individual event. For more informtion about ECHO360, click the link or email the TALK Center

Echo360 Personal Capture

Personal capture allows you to record your computer screen, web camera image, and audio. You may use this software to create supplemental recordings for your course, record how-to's on your computer screen (i.e. using excel functions, SPSS, solving calculations, searching a database, describing chemical structures, using formulas, etc), provide audio and video instructions, introduce yourself in an online course, and more.

Google Apps

GoogleApps@UIC is a suite of tools used for communication and collaboration. It includes Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sites, Google Groups and Google Calendar.


Box is an online file sharing and cloud content management service that works on PCs, Macs, mobile and tablet devices and provides access to your files from any location for collaboration with other University users or external parties. A valid UIC netID and common password are required to create a University Box account and to later access the University Box account.

Qualtrics Survey

Students and faculty may sign-up for Qualtrics, if you would like to create surveys and send them out to external parties. This is another survey tool you may use (alternate, Blackboard Learn surveys) for checking the understanding of students about content and subject matter. You may also use it as a tool for creating a registration for an event or review session. Advanced survey capabilities include branching, looping, piping, polling, trigger-based responses, and audio/video insertion. You may export the data into excel, SPSS, PDF, PowerPoint, or Word.


Smartboards are located in classrooms Rm. 231, 111, 36, and 32. Once configured, the smartboard (whiteboard) projects any content you write on it so that the distant classroom and entire large classroom can see.

Turning Point Cloud Technology

Check student prior knowledge, assess student comprehension, promote student reflection, and survey the audience by integrating polling questions in your PowerPoint presentation. Documentation resources are available via the links below. Request training and/or assistance by e-mailing With assistance for downloading the software on your work computer, e-mail 


Blackboard collaborate, GoToMeeting, and Cisco Tandberg System are currently supported by the College of Pharmacy to promote videoconferencing capabilities. Videoconferencing may be used to connect to distant classrooms for class sessions, review sessions, virtual office hours, meetings, and group collaborations.

Blackboard Collaborate

Students and faculty may set up virtual conference rooms to meet for group projects, office hours, and other occasions by using Blackboard Collaborate. Functions include screen sharing, presentation sharing, whiteboard, collaboration rooms, polling, and more. This is a software based solution, only a computer, web camera and headset are needed.


Faculty may request IT to create a GoToMeeting session. A link may be sent to all parties to join the event. GoToMeeting allows attendees to call-in toll-free using a phone number, or log-in by using a computer, microphone, and speakers. This is a software based solution that requires attendees to have one of these three options: only a telephone, computer/telephone, or computer/web camera/microphone. You may e-mail Rockford or Chicago to create a session.

Cisco Tandberg System

This system is primarily used to connect to the Rockford campus classrooms and conference rooms. The far side connection point needs to have a similar system. This system connects by calling an IP address.

Document Camera (Elmo)

Project a textbook, zoom in on hard-copy images or text, project demonstrations or experiments using 3-D items for all of the distant and entire large classroom to see.