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Teaching Awards

UIC offers a variety of awards and recognition to faculty. This is a general list along with contact information.

CETL’s Award for Curriculum and Instruction Enhancements

The Curriculum and Instruction Grant (CIG) program helps to build a fund of innovations, demonstration projects, and experiences that will contribute to an atmosphere of curricular and instructional excellence at UIC. CETL welcomes innovative proposals in any area related to curriculum and instruction.  The CIG program has been suspended (2016).

Suzanne Soliman, PharmD, Assistant Dean, and Marieke Schoen, PharmD, Visiting Vice Dean, and Associate Dean, Department of Academic Affairs were 2012-2013 Curriculum and Instruction Grant recipients for a project entitled “Faculty Development Offerings to Transition from the Traditional Classroom to Active Learning Methods in the College of Pharmacy.”

CIG Master_Past Recipients.pdf             College of Pharmacy CIG Recipients.pdf

CETL Teaching Recognition Program Award

The Council for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and the Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs invite eligible applicants to apply for the Teaching Recognition Program (TRP). The TRP is UIC’s self-nominated, faculty-administered teaching award program. The TRP offers a $1500 permanent increment to the annual base salary of faculty who have documented their teaching excellence over the past three academic years. Up to 14 faculty per year can receive the TRP award. Typically, CETL receives 30-45 applications per year for the TRP.

All tenured and tenure-track faculty, clinical faculty, and others with a demonstrated long-term commitment to teaching at UIC (such as lecturers, instructors and adjuncts) are eligible to apply. All applicants must hold a teaching appointment that is greater than 49 percent. A demonstrated long-term commitment is defined as continuous involvement in teaching at UIC during the Fall and Spring semesters of the previous three years (2013-2014, 2014-2015 and 2015-2016). Over 240 deserving faculty have been recognized with TRP Awards since the program’s introduction in the 1996-1997 academic year. Faculty who have received TRP Awards are listed by year of award at

For more information visit:  TRP Guidelines    TRP Application 

For questions about submitting your application or for more information about the Teaching Recognition Program please visit our website at You may also contact us at or by phone at (312) 413-1588.  Printable TRP Guidelines 2016

Isaac Cha, PharmD, Clinical Assistant Professor and Pharmacotherapist for the Department of Family and Community Medicine, at the University of Illinois College of Medicine, at Rockford was the 2013-2014 receipt of the Teaching Award.

College of Pharmacy winners are highlighted in this TRP Winners.pdf.

Frederick P. Siegel, PhD Innovative Teaching Award

The Frederick Siegel Award recognizes faculty who have developed an innovative teaching style (originality, demonstrated significant impact on teaching effectiveness, student learning and/or retention, potential for widespread use within or across disciplines, potential for scalability). The purpose of the award is to encourage faculty to try creative teaching innovations in the classroom. The award is open to all faculty members at the University of Illinois Chicago College of Pharmacy. One faculty member per academic year will receive the Frederick Siegel award. The award recipient will be notified over the summer and will be asked to present their innovations at a faculty meeting in the fall.

Paul Pluta, BS, PhD, Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Biopharmaceutical Sciences was the recipient of the 2014 Frederick P. Siegel Innovative Teaching Award.

Siegel Award Winners.pdf

Teacher of the Semester Award

Teacher of the Semester (ToS) will be voted on between the 14th and 15th week of the semester. Each respective class council must report the day and time of the election to PSC by the Monday prior to the election. The nomination process for ToS will happen in 2 steps. The first step can be completed by email, surveymonkey, paper ballot, or whichever method the individual class council chooses, and entails presenting a list of all professors during the given semester to the class for nominations. The top three nominated professors (by a count of nomination requests) will move on. In the event of a tie, the professors receiving the top three numbers of votes (as many professors as necessary) will move on.

ToS voting must be overseen by: a faculty member of OSA, a faculty member of Academic Affairs, or the class council/PSC faculty advisor. Additionally, the faculty member present must not be on the final ballot for ToS. The entire class must be informed of the voting day and time at least 48 hours in advance. To complete the voting process, each member of the class that wishes to participate will cast a ballot for the teacher of their choice. Members of the class council will then collect the ballots and count them with the help of the aforementioned faculty member. The winner will be announced to the class, and must be presented with some form of documentation of his or her award.

Rodrigo Burgos, PharmD, received the Fall 2016 Teacher of the Semester Award, from the Class of 2018.

Linda Grider, BS, received the Spring 2016 Teacher of the Semester Award, from the Class of 2018.

Teacher of the Semester Award Winners.pdf

Teacher of the Year Award

Teacher of the Year (ToY) will be voted on during the 15th week of the spring semester, and must take place after the spring Teacher of the Semester (ToS) is selected. ToY voting must be overseen by a faculty member of OSA, Academic Affairs, or the class council/PSC faculty advisor, provided he/she is not on the ballot.

Nominations for the ToY shall include the top three nominees for ToS from each semester. Ballots will then be collected by the class council members and counted with the help of the aforementioned faculty member. The winner will be announced to the class, and shall be presented with some form of documentation of his or her award. PSC will then inform the Department Head of the selected professors and Academic and Student Affairs within one week of selection.

Marlowe Djuric-Kachlic, PharmD, received the 2016 Teacher of the Year Award from the Class of 2018.                                    

Scott Wirth, PharmD, received the 2016 Teacher of the Year Award from the Class of 2017.

Teacher of the Year Award Winners.pdf

Golden Apple

The Golden Apple Award is the highest teaching achievement award given to a faculty member for the best teaching by faculty during the students’ time studying in the program over four years. The winner is selected by the students of the P4 class. The award is presented during the P4 graduation dinner, in the form of an engraved Golden Apple Award plaque.

Dr. Paul Pluta, BS, PhD, was the recipient of the 2016 Golden Apple Award. 

Golden Apple Award Winners.pdf