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Alan H. Lau

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Teaching and Supervision Heading link

Princ/Drug Action & Therap I (PHAR 401), 8/22/2016 – 12/2/2016
Princ/Drug Action & Therap II (PHAR 402), 8/25/2014 – 12/5/2014
Princ/Drug Action & Therap I (PHAR 401), 8/25/2014 – 12/5/2014
Survey & Recptor Drug Action (BPS 365), 1/13/2014 – 5/2/2014
Princ/Drug Action & Therap I (PHAR 401), 8/26/2013 – 12/6/2013
Survey & Recptor Drug Action (BPS 365), 1/14/2013 – 5/3/2013
Spec Project in Pharm Pract (PMPR 390), 1/14/2013 – 5/3/2013
Physiology & Pathophysiol I (PHYB 301), 8/27/2012 – 12/7/2012
Princ/Drug Action & Therap I (PHAR 401), 8/27/2012 – 12/7/2012

Selected Grants

An Observational Prospective REgistry to Identify Demographic and Clinical Characteristics of Patients Hospitalized with Euvolemic and Hypervolemic Hyponatremia and Assess the Comparative Effectivenes, Otsuka America Pharmaceuticals Inc., 7/25/2011 - 1/31/2013, Obligated Amount: $13250; Anticipated Amount: $13250

A Multicenter Clinical Study Of The Sonablate 500 (SB-500) For The Treatment Of Locally Recurrent Prostate Cancer With HIFU, US HIFU LLC (Focus Surgery Inc)., 5/1/2010 - 8/31/2025, Obligated Amount: $773482; Anticipated Amount: $773482

Identification Of Markers For Determining The Efficacy Of Vitamin D Receptor Activator Therapy In Stage 3/4 CKD Patients, Abbott Laboratories., 6/1/2009 - 5/31/2010, No Obligated Amount Set; Anticipated Amount: $35000

The PRIMO II Study: Paricalcitol Injection Benefits in Renal Failure Induced Cardiac Morbidity in Subjects with Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 5 (M10-221), Abbott Laboratories., 8/1/2008 - 7/31/2009, Obligated Amount: $31197; Anticipated Amount: $31197

AMG 223 In Dialysis Patients With Hyperphosphatemia, Amgen Inc., 5/30/2008 - 12/30/2010, No Obligated Amount Set; No Anticipated Amount Set

A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study Examine Effects Of Minocycline Extended-Release Tablets On Spermatogenesis In Human Males, TKL Research Inc., 9/1/2006 - 12/31/2011, Obligated Amount: $16169; Anticipated Amount: $16169

Efficacy Of Phosphate Binding In Healthy Volunteers: Chewed Vs. Crushed Lanthanum Carbonate, Shire Plc., 9/1/2006 - 8/31/2008, Obligated Amount: $20325; Anticipated Amount: $20325

Efficacy Of Phosphate Binding In Hemodialysis Patients: Chewed Vs. Crushed Lanthanum Carbonate, Shire Plc., 9/1/2006 - 8/31/2010, Obligated Amount: $46050; Anticipated Amount: $46050

Effects Of Lanthanum Carbonate on The Absorption And Oral Bioavailabilitgy Of Ciprofloxacin, Shire Plc., 1/2/2006 - 8/31/2007, Obligated Amount: $71876; Anticipated Amount: $71876

Selected Publications

Vella, Janis, Attard Pizzuto, Maresca, Sammut Bartolo, Nicolette, Wirth, Francesca, Grech, Louise, Pham, Jennifer, Mactal Haaf, Christina, Lau, Alan, Serracino Inglott, Anthony, Azzopardi, Lilian M. (2021). A three-year post-graduate Doctorate in Pharmacy course incorporating professional, experiential and research activities: A collaborative innovative approach. MedEdPublish, 10, (1). doi:10.15694/mep.2021.000093.1.

Lau, Alan H. (2020). Sustainable and cascading international partnerships for professional advancement. JACCP JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF CLINICAL PHARMACY, 3, (5), 858-859. doi:10.1002/jac5.1279.

Liao, Yun, Ma, Chunlai, Lau, Alan H, Zhong, Mingkang. (2020). Role of pharmacists during the COVID‐19 pandemic in China‐Shanghai experiences. JACCP JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF CLINICAL PHARMACY, 3, (5), 997-1002. doi:10.1002/jac5.1288.

Shapiro, Nancy L, Lin, Hsiang‐Wen, Lau, Alan H. (2020). Creation and delivery of a clinical pharmacy practice and education program for international participants in the United States. JACCP JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF CLINICAL PHARMACY, 3, (5), 913-919. doi:10.1002/jac5.1281.

Wang, Yanting, Dai, Yuanyuan, Lau, Alan H, Yang, Jun, Chen, Wei, Li, Guohui. (2020). Oncology clinical pharmacy services in Chinese hospitals. JACCP JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF CLINICAL PHARMACY, 3, (5), 988-996. doi:10.1002/jac5.1278.

Nathisuwan, Surakit, Pattharachayakul, Sutthiporn, Subongkot, Suphat, Doungngern, Thitima, Jones, Sirada M, Engle, Janet P, Lau, Alan, Katz, Michael D, Moreton, Julian Edward, Ryan, Melody. (2020). U.S.‐Thai Consortium for the development of pharmacy education in Thailand: History, progress, and impact. JACCP JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF CLINICAL PHARMACY, 3, (5), 935-946. doi:10.1002/jac5.1262.

Pham, Jennifer T, Azzopardi, Lilian M, Lau, Alan H, Jarrett, Jennie B. (2019). Student Perspectives on a Collaborative International Doctorate of Pharmacy Program. Pharmacy, 7, (3), 85. doi:10.3390/pharmacy7030085.

Grech, L, Lau, A. (2016). Pharmaceutical care issues of patients with rheumatoid arthritis: From hospital to community. doi:10.1007/978-981-10-1421-5.

Malespin, Miguel, Sleesman, Brett, Lau, Alan, Wong, Shirley S, Cotler, Scott J. (2015). Prevalence and Correlates of Suspected Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Chinese American Children. Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology, 49, (4), 345-349. doi:10.1097/mcg.0000000000000121.

Selected Presentations

Vella, JS, Attard Pizzuto, M, SammutBartolo, N, Wirth, F, Grech, L, Pham, Jennifer, Haaf, C, Serracino-Inglott, A, Lau, Alan, Azzopardi, LM. (2019 May 17). Partnerships in Education: An International Post-Graduate Doctorate in Pharmacy. European Association of Faculties of Pharmacy Annual Conference 2019. Krakow, Poland.
Shapiro, Nancy, Patino, MI, Lin, HW, Lau, A. (2015 November 01). “Creation and success of a short-term program in the United States on ‘Contemporary clinical pharmacy practice and education’ for international participants”. 7thAsian Association of Schools of Pharmacy (AASP) Conference. Taipei, Taiwan.