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Photo of George Chlipala

George Chlipala

Associate Director, Research Informatics Core

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Selected Grants

Changes in Oral and Gut Microbiota and Incidence and Severity of Patient-Reported Symptoms in Pre- and Post-Kidney Transplant Patients, National Institutes of Health (National Institute of Nursing Research)., 9/25/2019 - 7/31/2022, Obligated Amount: $485781; Anticipated Amount: $485781

Prebiotics Intervention to Reduce Alzheimer's Disease Risk via Brain-Gut Axis in an APOE4 Mouse Model, University of Kentucky., 5/1/2019 - 8/1/2021, Obligated Amount: $129869; Anticipated Amount: $129869

Selected Publications

Hooper, Madeline J, LeWitt, Tessa M, Veon, Francesca L, Pang, Yanzhen, Chlipala, George E, Feferman, Leo, Green, Stefan J, Sweeney, Dagmar, Bagnowski, Katherine T, Burns, Michael B, Seed, Patrick C, Guitart, Joan, Zhou, Xiaolong A. (2022). Nasal dysbiosis in cutaneous T-cell lymphoma is characterized by shifts in relative abundances of non-Staphylococcus bacteria. JID Innovations, 100132. doi:10.1016/j.xjidi.2022.100132.

Kim, Joseph Y, Lei, Zhengdeng, Maienschein-Cline, Mark, Chlipala, George E, Balamurugan, Arumugam, McDiarmid, Sue V, Azari, Kodi, Yang, Otto O. (2021). Longitudinal Analysis of the T-cell Receptor Repertoire in Graft-infiltrating Lymphocytes Following Hand Transplantation. Transplantation, 105, (7), 1502-1509. doi:10.1097/tp.0000000000003535.

Simons, Yael, Hassan, Mohamed, Chlipala, George, Danciu, Oana Cristina, Gadi, Vijayakrishna K, Singh, Manmeet, Mohapatra, Gayatry, Hoskins, Kent. (2021). Molecular characterization of luminal breast tumors in African American women.. Journal of Clinical Oncology, 39, (15_suppl), 550-550. doi:10.1200/jco.2021.39.15_suppl.550.

Reutrakul, Sirimon, Chen, Hui, Chirakalwasan, Naricha, Charoensri, Suranut, Wanitcharoenkul, Ekasitt, Amnakkittikul, Somvang, Saetung, Sunee, Layden, Brian T, Chlipala, George E. (2021). Metabolomic profile associated with obstructive sleep apnoea severity in obese pregnant women with gestational diabetes mellitus: A pilot study. Journal of Sleep Research, 30, (5), e13327. doi:10.1111/jsr.13327.

Yanckello, Lucille M, Hoffman, Jared D, Chang, Ya-Hsuan, Lin, Penghui, Nehra, Geetika, Chlipala, George, McCulloch, Scott D, Hammond, Tyler C, Yackzan, Andrew T, Lane, Andrew N, Green, Stefan J, Hartz, Anika MS, Lin, Ai-Ling. (2021). Apolipoprotein E genotype-dependent nutrigenetic effects to prebiotic inulin for modulating systemic metabolism and neuroprotection in mice via gut-brain axis. Nutritional Neuroscience, 25, (8), 1669-1679. doi:10.1080/1028415x.2021.1889452.

Wolf, Patricia G, Devendran, Saravanan, Doden, Heidi L, Ly, Lindsey K, Moore, Tyler, Takei, Hajime, Nittono, Hiroshi, Murai, Tsuyoshi, Kurosawa, Takao, Chlipala, George E, Green, Stefan J, Kakiyama, Genta, Kashyap, Purna, McCracken, Vance J, Gaskins, H Rex, Gillevet, Patrick M, Ridlon, Jason M. (2021). Berberine alters gut microbial function through modulation of bile acids. BMC Microbiology, 21, (1), 24. doi:10.1186/s12866-020-02020-1.

Chang, Ya‐Hsuan, Hoffman, Jared D, Yanckello, Lucille M, McCulloch, Scott D, Lin, Penghui, Lane, Andrew N, Chlipala, George, Green, Stefan J, Lin, Ai‐Ling. (2020). Apolipoprotein E genotype‐dependent nutrigenetic effects to prebiotic inulin for reducing risk for Alzheimer’s disease in a mouse model. Alzheimer’s & Dementia, 16, (S10). doi:10.1002/alz.041175.

Teran, Richard A, Ghinai, Isaac, Gretsch, Stephanie, Cable, Tracy, Black, Stephanie R, Green, Stefan J, Perez, Omar, Chlipala, George E, Maienschein-Cline, Mark, Kunstman, Kevin J, Bleasdale, Susan C, Fricchione, Marielle J. (2020). COVID-19 Outbreak Among a University’s Men’s and Women’s Soccer Teams — Chicago, Illinois, July–August 2020. MMWR Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, 69, (43), 1591-1594. doi:10.15585/mmwr.mm6943e5.

Giddings, Lesley-Ann, Chlipala, George, Driscoll, Heather, Bhave, Kieran, Kunstman, Kevin, Green, Stefan, Morillo, Katherine, Peterson, Holly, Maienschein-Cline, Mark. (2020). Seasonal Ely Copper Mine Superfund Site Shotgun Metagenomic and Metatranscriptomic Data Analysis. Data in Brief, 32, 106282. doi:10.1016/j.dib.2020.106282.


PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago, United States, 2010
BS, Loras College, United States, 1998

Postgraduate Training:
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Michigan, United States, 2011