Photo of Shitalben Radheshyambhai Patel

Shitalben Radheshyambhai Patel

Assoiate Director for Research Laboratory Operations/Sr. Research Specialist, Pharmacy Practice


Building & Room:

112 E


833 S. Wood Street, Chicago, IL, 60612

Office Phone:

(312) 413-4293

Office Phone TTY:

(312) 996-0379

Selected Publications

  • Stevenson J, Reilly J, Harris M, Patel , SR P, Weiden K, Prasad J, Badner V, Nimgaonkar M, Keshavan J, Sweeney , others . Antipsychotic pharmacogenomics in first episode psychosis: a role for glutamate genes. Translational psychiatry. 2016;6(2):e739.
  • Mansour IN, Bress AP, Groo VL, Ismail S, Wu G, Patel SR, Duarte JD, Kittles RA, Stamos TD, Cavallari LH. Circulating Procollagen Type III N-Terminal Peptide and Mortality Risk in African Americans With Heart Failure. Journal of cardiac failure. 2016;22(9):692–699.
  • Nagai R, Ohara M, Cavallari LH, Drozda K, Patel SR, Nutescu EA, Perera MA, Hernandez W, Kaneko N, Hibiya M, others . Factors influencing pharmacokinetics of warfarin in African–Americans: implications for pharmacogenetic dosing algorithms. Pharmacogenomics. 2015;16(3):217–225.
  • Drozda K, Lee Y, Patel , SR JC, Lee O, Pugach J, Duarte E, Nutescu L, Cavallari . Genetic Associations With Warfarin Response In Patients Receiving Genotype-guided Dosing. Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics. 2015;97:S26.
  • Bishop JR, Reilly JL, Harris MS, Patel SR, Kittles R, Badner JA, Prasad KM, Nimgaonkar VL, Keshavan MS, Sweeney JA. Pharmacogenetic associations of the type-3 metabotropic glutamate receptor (GRM3) gene with working memory and clinical symptom response to antipsychotics in first-episode schizophrenia. Psychopharmacology. 2015;232(1):145–154.
  • Drozda K, Wong S, Patel SR, Bress AP, Nutescu EA, Kittles RA, Cavallari LH. Poor warfarin dose prediction with pharmacogenetic algorithms that exclude genotypes important for African Americans. Pharmacogenetics and genomics. 2015;25(2):73.
  • Katz AC, Sarapas C, Bishop JR, Patel SR, Shankman SA. The mediating effect of prefrontal asymmetry on the relationship between the COMT Val158Met SNP and trait consummatory positive affect. Cognition and Emotion. 2015;29(5):867–881.
  • Drozda K, Patel SR, Nutescu EA, Cavallari L. Addition of Cyp2c9* 5,* 6,* 8,* 11 and rs12777823 genotypes into an existing warfarin dosing algorithm improves algorithm performance for African Americans.. Pharmacotherapy: The Journal Of Human Pharmacology And Drug Therapy. 2014;34(10):e220–e221.
  • Hernandez W, Aquino-Michaels K, Perera M, Patel SR, Jeong H, Cavallari L, Takahashi H ed. ASSOCIATION OF CYP2C9 AND VKORC1 SNPS ON S-WARFARIN CLEARANCE IN AFRICAN AMERICANS . 2014.
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  • Hernandez W, Gamazon ER, Aquino-Michaels K, Patel SR, O’Brien TJ, Harralson AF, Kittles RA, Barbour A, Tuck M, McIntosh SD, others . Ethnicity-specific pharmacogenetics: the case of warfarin in African Americans. The pharmacogenomics journal. 2014;14(3):223–228.
  • Daneshjou R, Gamazon ER, Burkley B, Cavallari LH, Johnson JA, Klein TE, Limdi N, Hillenmeyer S, Percha B, Karczewski KJ, others . Genetic variant in folate homeostasis is associated with lower warfarin dose in African Americans. Blood. 2014;124(14):2298–2305.
  • Hernandez W, Gamazon E, Aquino-Michaels K, Patel SR, O’brien T, Harralson A, Kittles R, Barbour A, Tuck M, Mcintosh S, others . Liver Eqtls For Warfarin Dose Response Genes Reveal Susceptibility To Venous Thromboembolism Among African Americans.. Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics. 2014;95(1):S60.
  • Hernandez W , Aquino-Michaels K , Drozda K , Patel S , , Jeong H , Takahashi H , Cavallari LH , Perera MA. . Novel SNP in CYP2C9 is associated with changes in warfarin clearance and CYP2C9 expression levels in African Americans.. Translational Research. 2014;.
  • Bishop JR, Reilly JL, Harris MS, Patel SR, Kittles R, Badner JA, Prasad K, Nimgaonkar VL, Keshavan M, Sweeney JA ed. Pharmacogenomics of the Type-3 Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor (GRM3) Gene and Antipsychotic Treatment Changes in Spatial Working Memory and Clinical Symptoms in Schizophrenia . 2014.
  • 10. Mansour I , Ismail S , Bress A C, Groo V , , Patel S , Gheith H , Stamos T , , L . PIIINP Predicts Mortality in African American Patients with Heart Failure.. Journal of Cardiac Failure. 2014;.
  • Patel SR, Langaee TY, Wong SS, Cavallari LH. Pyrosequencing of the CYP2C9-1766T> C polymorphism as a means of detecting the CYP2C9* 8 allele. Pharmacogenomics. 2014;15(13):1717–1722.
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