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College of Pharmacy Image Competition

2017 Image Competition Winners

163 people voted for the best image in the 7th Annual Images of Research Competition!  Congratulations to our winners, whose images are featured below with the number of votes received.

1st Prize, 21 votes

Dulari Jayawardena, Department of Biopharmaceutical Sciences

"Goblet Cells of Mouse Colon"


Mucus is a major component of colonic secretions and forms a physical barrier between luminal contents and intestinal epithelium. Goblet cells, which appear as magenta color droplets in the figure, specifically stained with periodic acid-schiff or PAS stain, are the main cells responsible for the secretion of mucus.

2nd Prize, 20 votes

Taha Taha, Department of Medicinal Chemistry & Pharmacognosy



Unintentional break in chromatography tube led to crystallization of the product of a reductive amination reaction.

3rd Prize, 19 votes

Ernest Law & Ruixuan Jiang, Department of Pharmacy Systems, Outcomes, & Policy

"Our Health Values Matter"


The submitted image is a collection of photos of individuals who participated in the nation-wide EQ-5D Health State Valuation Study, led by researchers from UIC (PI: Dr. A. Simon Pickard; Co-Is: Drs. Ernest Law & Ruixuan Jiang). Respondents answered questions about health-related quality of life. Many respondents felt empowered to continue to think about what is most important in their health and how it affects themselves, their family, and their community. During the summer of 2017, a study team of UIC PharmD and Ph.D. students traveled across the United States to collect information on how members of the general public valued different aspects of health-related quality of life. The team worked hard to ensure that all types of people and communities were represented in the study. The data collected will be used to generate a societal value set based on the health preferences of the US general public. This value set is intended for use by different stakeholders (e.g., patient groups, researchers, payers) to inform resource allocation and healthcare policy.

To view these images at higher resolution, visit the competition site.