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2015 Research Day

2015 Research Day

The sixth College of Pharmacy Research Day, held on February 27, 2015 was a great success, with over 90 trainees presenting their research. Large number of our alumni returned to the College to judge the posters and we had also strong participation by judges from industry.  To see images from the day, click on the photo below.


Keynote Speaker, Barry L. Carter, PharmD, FCCP, FAHA, FASH, FAPHA, gave a presentation titled, "Team-Based Care for Hypertension in the Age of Healthcare Reform."

Barry Carter.jpg

Sarfaraz Niazi, PhD 1974, was awarded the Alum of the Year Award.

Sarf Niazi.jpg

The inaugural Retzky Philanthropic Leadership Award was presented to Al Mancini, BS 1976.

Al Mancini.jpg 

Hans W. Valteich Research Awards

Gregory S. Calip, PharmD, MPH, PhD
Department of Pharmacy Systems, Outcomes and Policy
"Commonly Used Medications and Multiple Myleoma Risk"

Jeremy J. Johnson
Center for Drug Discovery and Development
"Optimizing Xanthones from Garcinia mangostana as Androgen Receptor Degradation Enhancers"

Poster Competition Winners

UI Cancer Center Prize, First Place ($750)
Thao ND Pham, Bethany White, and Debra Tonetti
“Protein Kinase Cα (PKCα) is a Novel Regulator of FOXC2 and p120-catenin in Triple Negative and Endocrine-Resistant Breast Cancer”

UI Cancer Center Prize, Second Place ($250)
Tareisha Dunlap, Shuai Wang, Charlotte Simmler, Guido Pauli, Birgit Dietz, and Judy L. Bolton
“Licochalcone A from Glycyrrhiza inflata Modulates P450 1B1-mediated Estrogen Oxidative Metabolism in MCF-10A Cells”

Innovate@UIC Innovation Award, First Place ($750)
Rasika Phasalkar, Joo-Won Nam, Shao-Nong Chen, James McAlpine, Ariene Leme, Cristina Vidal, Ana Bedran-Russo, and Guido Pauli
“Dimeric and Trimeric Proanthocyanidins from Grapes: A Promising Source for Dental Biomaterials”

Innovate@UIC Innovation Award, Second Place ($250)
Atul Jain and Terry Moore
“A Scaffold-hopping Approach to Discovery of Keap1/Nrf2 Inhibitors”

CCTS Multi-Disciplinary Team Science Award ($250)
Xiaoyu Hu, F. Huang, M. Szymusiak, Y. Liu, and Z. Jim Wang
“Curcumin Attentuate Opioid Tolerance, Dependence, and Hyperalgesia by Inhibiting CaMKIIα Activity” 

AAPS Student Choice Award ($250)
Wei-Lun Chen, Joanna Burdette, and Steven Swanson
“Silvestrol Induces Autophagy and Apoptosis in Human Melanoma Cells”

Award for Excellence in Research, “Biology” Prize, First Place ($750)
F. Sezen Meydan, S. Karthikeyan, D. Klepacki, N. Vazquez-Laslop, and Alexander Mankin
“Programmed Frameshifting Modulates the Expression

Award for Excellence in Research, “Biology” Prize, Second Place ($250)
Tina Mistry, Shahila Mehboob, Lena Truong, and Michael E. Johnson
“Mode of Action of Novel Benzimidazole-based FabI Inhibitors in Staphylococcus aureus”

Award for Excellence in Research, “Chemistry” Prize, First Place ($750)
Ja Hye Myung, Ashley Cha, Kevin Tam, Andrew Wang, and Seungpyo Hong
“Circulating Tumor Cells: Not All Detected Cells Are Bad and Not All Bad Cells Are Detected”

Award for Excellence in Research, “Chemistry” Prize, Second Place ($250)
Jason Buhrman, Jamie Rayahin, Yu Zhang, Mary Tang, and Richard Gemeinhart
“Recombinant Protein Immobilization and Controlled-Release Mediated by Versatile, Non-Covalent Protein Anchor”

Award for Excellence in Research, “Clinical, Social and Applied Sciences” Prize, First Place ($750)
Ellie Jhun, Y. Yao, R. Molokie, A. K. Mack, D. J. Wilkie, and Jim Z. Wang
“Sickle Cell Pain Genetics and the Monoamine Neurotransmitter System”

Award for Excellence in Research, “Clinical, Social and Applied Sciences” Prize, Second Place ($250)
Beenish Manzoor, J. Duarte, J. Lee, W. Galanter, S. Walton, N. Galanter, J. Krishnan, J. Bauman, L. Cavallari, and Edith Nutescu
“The Impact of Race on the Association Between a Novel Genotype-Guided Personalized Warfarin Service and Clinical Outcomes in an Ethnically Diverse Population”

Graduate Student Awards

Biopharmaceutical Sciences

Recipient Mentor Award
Yu Zhang Gemeinhart Charles Wesley Petranek Memorial Scholarship
Xian Pan Jeong Edward Benes Scholarship
Hao-jui Hsu Hong Paul Sang Award
Jason Buhrman Gemeinhart W.E. van Doren Scholar
Jamie Rayahin Gemeinhart W.E. van Doren Scholar

Forensic Science

Recipient Mentor Award
Ashley Humphrey Larsen W.E. van Doren Scholar
Stephanie Williams Larsen W.E. van Doren Scholar

Medicinal Chemistry

Recipient Mentor Award
Loruhama Delgado-Rivera Thatcher Charles L. Bell Award
Hitisha Patel Thatcher Paul Sang Award
Guannan Li van Breemen Professor Ludwig Bauer Scholarship
Thomas Hanigan Petukhov W.E. van Doren Scholar
Sue Lee Thatcher W.E. van Doren Scholar
Ben Richardson Moore W.E. van Doren Scholar
Tom Speltz Moore W.E. van Doren Scholar


Recipient Mentor Award
Tristesse Jones van Breemen Charles Wesley Petranek Memorial Scholarship
James Marks Mankin Edward Benes Scholarship
Rhea Bovee Thomas Lloyd Yale Memorial Scholarship
Mashal Almutairi Mankin W.E. van Doren Scholar
Mary Choules Pauli W.E. van Doren Scholar
Maryam Elfeki Murphy W.E. van Doren Scholar
Shangwen Luo Orjala W.E. van Doren Scholar
F. Sezen Meydan Mankin W.E. van Doren Scholar

Pharmacy Systems, Outcomes and Policy

Recipient Mentor Award
Wan-Ju Lee Schumock Myron Goldsmith
Rachel Harrington Lee W.E. van Doren Scholar
Beenish Manzoor Walton W.E. van Doren Scholar