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Project Selection and Funding Process

Working closely with the Office of Technology Management, Invention Disclosures are examined and inventors are asked to present to UICentre. Projects with strong biological data are selected for funding both in the inventors’ labs and in the appropriate Cores.

Inception funding creates new projects that focuses on an area of expertise at UIC and multiple investigators. These projects increase interaction and creativity by bringing together diverse researchers who have the potential to create new invention disclosures.


UICentre, the campus-wide drug discovery initiative at UIC, is seeking new collaborations. UICentre provides seed funding, consultation, project management, and core drug discovery services. Support varies depending on the mix of research needs for each project, ranging from $20-65k.

The goal of UICentre, as a part of the CCTS, is to add value to translational projects that provide opportunities in small molecule drug discovery. Projects are centered on: Hit-Finding, usually based upon high throughput screening (HTS) assay development; or Hit-to-Lead optimization. Target validation using synthetic chemical probes and drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK) studies can also form components.

Typically, projects will already have been reported in the form of an Invention Disclosure to the Office of Technology Management (OTM).

Faculty interested in collaborating with UICentre are requested to submit a one page letter of intent (LOI) to and include the following:

1. Brief description of target biomolecule/pathway.
2. Identity of bioassay that validates the biological target in a relevant model.
3. Identity of any small molecule Hits identified to date.
4. Identity of animal model for future proof of concept.
5. Novelty in target/indication/assay (advantage over competition).
6. Clinician collaborators that may be involved at present or in the future.
7. Title of Invention Disclosure and OTM assigned contact.

Fall 2014 Submission opens September 2nd and closes October 3rd.

LOI’s will be reviewed by UICentre. If UICentre judges that it can add value to a project, further information will be solicited with a view towards collaboration.

If you have any questions, contact:
Jason Hickok, PhD
Assistant Director of UICentre
(312) 996-7254