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Rockford Summer Scholar, Phuong Dung, Shares Her Experience

Phuong Dung, PharmD Candidate, Class of 2020

Phuong Dung, PharmD Candidate, Class of 2020

Rockford Summer Scholars Program

The Rockford Summer Scholars Program was a good start for me as a P1 student because it gave me an opportunity to get to know the staff and their research topics. It is beneficial for those who are interested in not only the functions of drugs but also the scientific research behind the scene. It also trained me on critical thinking and problem solving while running experiments. While learning the new biomolecular techniques in Dr. Nitiss’ lab, I started to question and think in a much more detailed and complex picture. It also changed my attitude of learning and the way to approach new knowledge.

Why Rockford

I have always been interested in how a specific drug works in the body and how to manipulate it to achieve a clinical goal. With such knowledge, I can help people manage their medication therapies to obtain the most benefit from taking drugs as well as minimize any adverse effects. I believe that Rockford campus is a good choice because I can experience the best education from a top school while being surrounded by a small intimate community. I look forward to building a close and sincere relationship with professors, instructors, classmates, and everyone in the UIC community.