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Chicago Public School Medical and Health Career Academies (MHCA)

The COP-UHP continues its strong partnership with the CPS MCHA.  The MHCA are CPS schools with focused high schools dedicated to educating their students in health profession curriculum. The College of Pharmacy routinely host students from the various academies during spring break.  Selected students also participate in the Urban Pipeline Program (UPP). Several of these students also participate in the internships program offered throughout the year working with faculty and staff for further exposure to the profession of pharmacy.

UIC College Prep (UICCP) Mentoring Program

The COP-UHP has partnered with the UIC-College Prep High School since its inception. The students visit the college frequently to listen to presentations form our students, faculty, and staff about the pharmacy profession. UIC-College Prep students also shadow our clinical faculty members, and tour all the UIC-COP Pharmacies. A longitudinal student mentoring program was developed whereby six UIC-College Prep students are mentored by six Urban Pharmacy (UPharm) students.

Recruitment and Outreach Activities – Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)

We have expanded our recruitment outreach initiative to target HBCUs and other minority serving institutions.  Contacts with the various Pre-Pharmacy/Pre-Health clubs have been developed; communication is mainly done through long-distance education technology to conduct information sessions and one-on-one advising appointments.