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College of Pharmacy Research Day

Research Day is an annual College-wide event that brings together our trainees, alumni, faculty members and staff as well as industry and academic colleagues from the Chicago area. 

The 10th Annual Research day was a great success, with ~ 88 posters presented, a fantastic keynote seminar by Dr. Johnson, and great participation from our alumni and external colleagues from industry, including 52 of our poster judges. We would like to thank our corporate sponsors (Astellas, AbbVie, Genentech, Horizon, and Lundbeck), along with our University supporters (OTM Innovate@UIC, CCTS, AAPS, CRS, ISPOR, and ISPE) and other outside donors (Swanson Family Research Day Fund) that provided funds for the event and poster awards..

Download the Abstract Book here.

To view the pictures from Research Day, click on the photo below:

Research-19 5.jpg

Keynote Presentation: "Improving clinical outcomes through pharmacogenomics

Dr. Julie A. Johnson, PharmD

Dean of the University of Florida College of Pharmacy

Distinguished Professor of Pharmacy and Medicine

Director of the UF Health Personalized Medicine Program

Dean Johnson_headshot_highres.jpg

Hans W. Valteich Research Award: "Entrustable Professional Activities Assessment within Experiential Curricula: A Primer for Evaluation"

Jennie B. Jarrett, PharmD, BCPS, MMedEd

Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice


2018 Graduate Student Awards and External Trainee Awards

This year, we have given out over $30,000 in graduate student awards and scholarships.  To see who received which award and for the list of other significant external awards received by our graduate students and postdocs, download the file here.

2019 Poster Award Winners

Biology: Molecular & Cell Biology; Mechanism of Action

  • First prize: Astellas Award for Excellence in Research

Alexandria N. Young, Denisse Herrera, Andrew Huntsman, Rathnayake A. Rathnayake, Melissa A. Korkmaz, Daniel D. Lanvit, A. Douglas Kinghorn, Mitch Phelps, Leslie N. Aldrich, Stephanie Cologna, James R. Fuchs, Joanna E. Burdette, "Target Discovery of Natural Product Inspired Phyllanthusmins for Treatment of High Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer"

  • Second prize: AbbVie-Genentech Award for Excellence in Research

Matthew A. Gilbertson, Abhishek D. Deshpande, Hannah N. Miles, Karin C. Nitiss, John L. Nitiss, "Etoposide Hypersensitivity Mediated by Mutations in the ATPase Domain of hTop2α"

  • Third prize: Horizon-Lundbeck Award for Excellence in Research

Mirielle Nauman, Bhaskar Vemu, Jeremy J. Johnson, "Identification of Xanthones from the Mangosteen Fruit that Promote Androgen Receptor Degradation"

Chemistry: Discovery, Modeling, Design & Evaluation of Novel Drugs; Detection & Delivery Systems

  • First prize: Astellas Award for Excellence in Research

Sylvia Kunakom, Alessandra S. Eustáquio, "Development of a Bacterial Host for Natural Product Discovery and Production"

  • Second prize: AbbVie-Genentech Award for Excellence in Research

Cutler Lewandowski, Manel Ben Aissa, Wasim Khan, Bhargava Karumudi, Sue Lee, Mary Jo LaDu, Brian Layden, Gregory R.J. Thatcher, "Selective ABCA1 Activators as Multifunctional Therapeutics for Alzheimer's Disease"

  • Third prize: Horizon-Lundbeck Award for Excellence in Research

Karol Sokolowski, Yavnika Kashyap, Catherine Dial, Timothy Langridge, Richard A. Gemeinhart, "Exploring the Formulation Conditions of a Copolymer Micelle-Protein Supramolecular Structure for Chronic Wound Resolution"

Clinical, Social, and Applied Sciences

  • First prize: Astellas Award for Excellence in Research

Melissa M. Galey, Alexandria N. Young, Valentina Petukhova, Mingxun Wang, Jian Wang, Joanna E. Burdette, Laura M. Sanchez, "Utilizing Protein Signatures from Heterogeneous Cell Populations in a Murine Model for Diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer"

  • Second prize: AbbVie-Genentech Award for Excellence in Research

Denise Lamm, Mark Biagi, Tiffany Wu, Kevin Meyer, Eric Wenzler, "Activity of Aztreonam in Combination with Avibactam or Vaborbactam against Levofloxacin and/or SulfamethoxazoleTrimethoprim Resistant Stenotrophomonas maltophilia"

  • Third prize: Horizon-Lundbeck Award for Excellence in Research

Katherine Zhang, Shirley Huang, Daniel R. Touchette, Monika Marko-Holguin, Benjamin Van Voorhees, "Cost-Effectiveness of Web-Based Depression Programs for Adolescents"

Innovate@UIC Innovation Award 

  • First prize

Brian David, May Barakat, Lin Chen, Yan Zhao, Luisa DiPietro, Terry W. Moore, "Structure-Activity Relationship and Evaluation of Non-electrophilic NRf2 Activators in a Diabetic Mouse Model"

  • Second prize

Yangfeng Li, Rui Xiong, Jiong Zhao, Lauren M. Gutgesell, Debra A. Tonetti, Gregory R.J. Thatcher, "Fulvestrant-Resistant Breast Cancer: Development of Novel Bromodomain Inhibitors as a Second-Line Therapy"

Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS) Multidisciplinary Team Science Award 

Ashutosh Tripathi, Hui Chen, Hyunwoo Lee, Hyunyoung Jeong, "Gut Microbiota Convert Etoposide to its Catechol Metabolite"

American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Student Chapter Choice Award 

Sungjoon Cho, Kyoung-Jae Won, Vanessa Leone, Eugene B. Chang, Hyunwoo Lee, Hyunyoung Jeong, "Commensal Gut Microbiota Modulates Susceptibility to Acetaminophen-induced Hepatotoxicity"

Controlled Release Society (CRS) Student Chapter Choice Award

Laura R. Hardy, Melissa R Pergande, Karina Esparaza, Kimberly N. Heath, Daniel Lantvit, Hayat Önyüksel, Stephanie M. Cologna, Joanna E. Burdette, "Proteomic Analysis Reveals a Role for PAX8 in High Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer Metastasis that can be Targeted with Micelle Encapsulated Thiostrepton"

International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) Student Chapter Choice Award

Maryam Naveed, Miranda Kopfman, Connie Yan, Ali Alobaidi, ATC Faculty*, Edith A. Nutescu, Lisa K. Sharp, "Impact of Transportation Barriers on Optimal Anticoagulation Outcomes in Underserved Patients at an Urban Ambulatory Clinic"

International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology (ISPE) Student Chapter Choice Award 

Inyoung Lee, Sruthi Adimadhyam, Edith A. Nutescu, Jifang Zhou, Alemseged Asfaw, Karen Sweiss, Pritesh Patel, Gregory S. Calip, "Arterial and Venous Thromboembolic Safety of Bevacizumab in Patients with High-Grade Glioma"

Thank you for your Support!