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Centers and Labs

The large variety of research centers, clinics and labs within the College of Pharmacy demonstrate the depth of expertise and innovation among college faculty and researchers.

These centers and labs are leading the way in creating new knowledge in Pharmacy and working with others across the Health Sciences in areas such as drug discovery, infectious disease, improving patient outcomes, and more.

Research Centers Heading link

Faculty Labs Heading link

Lab Faculty Lead
Biomedical Polymer Science Lab Richard Gemeinhart
Bulman Lab Zackery Bulman
Burdette Lab Joanna Burdette
Carlier Lab Paul Carlier
Eustaquio Lab Alessandra Eustaquio
Federle Lab Michael Federle
Gao Lab Yu Gao
Infectious Disease Pharmacotherapy Section Larry Danziger, et al
Lee Lab Steve Lee
Mankin Lab Alexander Mankin and Nora Vazquez-Laslop
Moore Lab Terry Moore
Murphy Lab Brian Murphy
Orjala Lab Jimmy Orjala
Petukhov Group Pavel Petukhov
Plant Medicine Lab Jeremy Johnson
Riley Lab Andrew Riley
SCRPTS: Systems-based Collaborative Research for PatienT Safety Taylor Watterson
Thomas Lab Douglas Thomas
Villegas Lab José A. Villegas
Zhao Research Group Zongmin Zhao
Wang Lab Z. Jim Wang
Wenzler Research Group Eric Wenzler