Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences

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BSPS Pathways

The Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences (BSPS) offers two pathways, the BSPS and the BSPS/PharmD, that afford graduates a great degree of flexibility. All students, regardless of their pathway will be admitted to the BSPS program in their third undergraduate year or upon meeting all the requirements. Of the students who are admitted to the BSPS Program, some will also seek admission to the PharmD Program.  Admission to the BSPS Program does not guarantee admission into the PharmD Program. BSPS students admitted to the PharmD Program will be considered professional students for the 4th year of their BSPS Program.

Flowchart of degree tracks

BSPS graduates are prepared for careers in the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical research, pharmaceutical administration, and pharmaceutical sales, biotechnology, drug manufacturing, regulatory affairs, and many other related fields. It also situates the graduate perfectly for additional study at a professional school or graduate school.

Graduates with the BSPS/PharmD will be more competitive than other non-bachelor’s PharmD graduate in Illinois and in the region for employment, residencies, fellowships, and graduate school.


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