Photo of Ajna  Hamidovic

Ajna Hamidovic

Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice


Building & Room:



833 South Wood Street, Chicago, IL, 60612

Office Phone:

(312) 355-1713


Research Interests: Ajna Hamidovic, PharmD, MS develops novel laboratory models and pharmacological treatments for drug addiction and mood disorders. Dr. Hamidovic's Clinical and Experimental Drug Addiction Research ( lab evaluates stress reactivity, tests memory and constructs longitudinal models of menstrual cycle neurosteroid rhythmicity.
Teaching Interests: In addition to her research contributions, Dr. Hamidovic is an experienced teacher. She teaches Clinical Research Methods as well as Psychiatric Pharmacotherapy and Pharmacology, with a focus on Neurobiology of Addiction and treatment of Substance Use Disorder.
Clinical Interests: Dr. Hamidovic has practiced Geriatric Psychiatry Pharmacotherapy in an interdisciplinary team setting. Among other activities, she advised her team on antipsychotic adverse event management and pharmacokinetic-based lithium dosing.