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Photo of Andrew Riley

Andrew Riley

Assistant Professor, College of Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Teaching and Supervision Heading link

PSCI Ph.D. Thesis Research (PSCI 599), 1/10/2022 – 4/29/2022
PhD Thesis Research (BPS 599), 1/10/2022 – 4/29/2022
Doctoral Restch in Med Chem (MDCH 599), 1/10/2022 – 4/29/2022
Medicinal Chemistry (PSCI 530), 1/10/2022 – 4/29/2022
Special Projects in Pharmacogn (PMPG 499), 1/10/2022 – 4/29/2022
PSCI Ph.D. Thesis Research (PSCI 599), 8/23/2021 – 12/3/2021
Doctoral Restch in Med Chem (MDCH 599), 8/23/2021 – 12/3/2021
PhD Thesis Research (BPS 599), 8/23/2021 – 12/3/2021
Fundamentals of Drug Action (PHAR 422), 8/23/2021 – 12/3/2021

Selected Grants

Synthesis and Evaluation of Alkaloids to Probe Membrane Receptors, National Institutes of Health (National Institute of General Medical Sciences)., 8/1/2022 - 6/30/2027, Obligated Amount: $378177; Anticipated Amount: $1890885

Hans W. Vahlteich Research Award, UIC College of Pharmacy., Date Not Set - Present, No Obligated Amount Set; No Anticipated Amount Set

Selected Publications

Argade, Malaika D, Riley, Andrew P. (2022). Syntheses of Aristotelia Alkaloids: Reflections in the Chiral Pool. Synlett, 33, (13), 1209-1214. doi:10.1055/a-1856-7334.

Shelton, Catherine L, Meneely, Kathleen M, Ronnebaum, Trey A, Chilton, Annemarie S, Riley, Andrew P, Prisinzano, Thomas E, Lamb, Audrey L. (2022). Rational inhibitor design for Pseudomonas aeruginosa salicylate adenylation enzyme PchD. JBIC Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry, 1-11. doi:10.1007/s00775-022-01941-8.

Argade, Malaika D, Straub, Carolyn J, Rusali, Lisa E, Santarsiero, Bernard D, Riley, Andrew P. (2021). Synthesis of Aristoquinoline Enantiomers and Their Evaluation at the α3β4 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor. Organic Letters, 23, (20), 7693-7697. doi:10.1021/acs.orglett.1c02057.

Creed, Simone M, Gutridge, Anna M, Argade, Malaika D, Hennessy, Madeline R, Friesen, J Brent, Pauli, Guido F, van Rijn, Richard M, Riley, Andrew P. (2020). Isolation and Pharmacological Characterization of Six Opioidergic Picralima nitida Alkaloids. Journal of Natural Products, 84, (1), 71-80. doi:10.1021/acs.jnatprod.0c01036.

Crowley, Rachel S, Riley, Andrew P, Alder, Amy F, Anderson, Richard J, Luo, Dan, Kaska, Sophia, Maynez, Pamela, Kivell, Bronwyn M, Prisinzano, Thomas E. (2020). Synthetic Studies of Neoclerodane Diterpenes from Salvia divinorum: Design, Synthesis, and Evaluation of Analogues with Improved Potency and G‑protein Activation Bias at the μ‑Opioid Receptor. ACS Chemical Neuroscience, 11, (12), 1781-1790. doi:10.1021/acschemneuro.0c00191.

Richter, Michelle F, Drown, Bryon S, Riley, Andrew P, Garcia, Alfredo, Shirai, Tomohiro, Svec, Riley L, Hergenrother, Paul J. (2017). Predictive compound accumulation rules yield a broad-spectrum antibiotic. Nature, 545, (7654), 299-304. doi:10.1038/nature22308.

Crowley, Rachel Saylor, Riley, Andrew P, Sherwood, Alexander M, Groer, Chad E, Shivaperumal, Nirajmohan, Biscaia, Miguel, Paton, Kelly, Schneider, Sebastian, Provasi, Davide, Kivell, Bronwyn M, Filizola, Marta, Prisinzano, Thomas E. (2016). Synthetic Studies of Neoclerodane Diterpenes from Salvia divinorum: Identification of a Potent and Centrally Acting μ Opioid Analgesic with Reduced Abuse Liability. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 59, (24), 11027-11038. doi:10.1021/acs.jmedchem.6b01235.

Meneely, Kathleen M, Ronnebaum, Trey A, Riley, Andrew P, Prisinzano, Thomas E, Lamb, Audrey L. (2016). Holo Structure and Steady State Kinetics of the Thiazolinyl Imine Reductases for Siderophore Biosynthesis. Biochemistry, 55, (38), 5423-5433. doi:10.1021/acs.biochem.6b00735.

Paranjape, Smita R, Riley, Andrew P, Somoza, Amber D, Oakley, C Elizabeth, Wang, Clay CC, Prisinzano, Thomas E, Oakley, Berl R, Gamblin, T Chris. (2015). Azaphilones Inhibit Tau Aggregation and Dissolve Tau Aggregates in Vitro. ACS Chemical Neuroscience, 6, (5), 751-760. doi:10.1021/acschemneuro.5b00013.

Professional Leadership

Auditing Committee, American Society of Pharmacognosy, 8/7/2019 - Present


BA, Ohio Wesleyan University, United States, 2010
PhD, The University of Kansas, USA, 2015

Postgraduate Training:
NRSA Postdoctoral Fellowship (NIH-F32), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, United States, 2018