Photo of Dr. Cele  Abad-Zapatero

Cele Abad-Zapatero

Adjunct Professor, Center for Biomolecular Sciences


Building & Room:



900 S. Ashland Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, 60612

Office Phone:

(312) 355-4105


Office Phone:

(312) 355-4105


Research Interests: Computational concepts, methods and tools to expedite drug discovery: Ligand Efficiency Indices, AtlasCBS. Structure-Based Drug Design of anti-infective drug targets, particularly TB in collaboration with the ITR center at UIC
Teaching Interests: History of crystallography, History of Structural Biology, Structure-Based drug Design, New methods of computational chemistry to expedite drug discovery, Science and the Arts.

Selected Publications

  • Abad-Zapatero C. Optimizing Structure-Based Drug Design: Concepts, Practices and Tools. John Wiley;
  • Abad-Zapatero C. Ligand Efficiency Indices for Drug Discovery: Towards an Atlas-Guided Paradigm. Elsevier-Academic Press; 2013.
  • Abad-Zapatero C. Crystals and Life: A Personal Journey. La Jolla, CA: International University Line; 2002.