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Photo of Joanna E. Burdette

Joanna E. Burdette

Professor, College of Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical Sciences
Associate Dean for Research, College of Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical Sciences
Co-Lead Cancer Biology Program, UI Cancer Center
Co-Lead K12 IRACDA Postdoctoral Training, University of Illinois Chicago



900 S. Ashland Ave Room 3202, Chicago, IL

Office Phone:

(312) 996-6153

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About Heading link

I am currently the Edward and Josephine Mika Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education in the College of Pharmacy at UIC. I am co-director of the NIH K12 IRACDA postdoc training grant. I serve as the co-lead for the Cancer Biology Program in the UI Cancer Center. My lab helped to validate that the major cell type giving rise to high grade serous cancer is the fallopian tube and we have also developed murine fallopian tube (or oviductal) cancer models that we use to study key pathways in tumor initiation and metastasis. I collaborate to study natural products as therapeutic leads in ovarian cancer models. I am strongly committed to training and received certification in the National Research Mentoring Network mentoring curriculum and its facilitation.

Research Interests:
ovarian cancer
reproductive biology of the fallopian tube
natural products drug discovery
progesterone biology

Teaching and Supervision Heading link

PSCI Ph.D. Thesis Research (PSCI 599), 1/8/2024 – 4/26/2024
Pathobiology of Cancer (PATH 511), 1/8/2024 – 4/26/2024
Undergrad Res Exp Pharm Sci (PSCI 300), 1/8/2024 – 4/26/2024
Research Presentation (PSCI 502), 8/21/2023 – 12/1/2023
PSCI Ph.D. Thesis Research (PSCI 599), 8/21/2023 – 12/1/2023
Undergrad Res Exp Pharm Sci (PSCI 300), 8/21/2023 – 12/1/2023
PSCI Ph.D. Thesis Research (PSCI 599), 1/9/2023 – 4/28/2023
Doctoral Research in Pharmacog (PMPG 599), 1/9/2023 – 4/28/2023
Research Presentation (PSCI 502), 8/22/2022 – 12/2/2022

Selected Grants

Tiny proteins in vaginal lavage for early detection of high grade serous ovarian cancer, Foundation for Women's Cancer., 4/1/2023 - 11/30/2024, Obligated Amount: $50000; Anticipated Amount: $50000

PAX8 as a Drug Target for High-Grade Serous Cancer, U.S. Department of Defense., 9/1/2022 - Present, Obligated Amount: $83544; No Anticipated Amount Set

Development of a small-molecule Beclin1-ATG14L protein-protein interaction inhibitor for cancer therapy, American Cancer Society., 7/1/2022 - 6/30/2026, Obligated Amount: $198000; Anticipated Amount: $792000

Ovarian and Fallopian Tube Crosstalk via Extracellular Vesicles Promotes the Origin of Ovarian Cancer and the Precancerous Landscape, University of Kansas., 7/1/2022 - 6/30/2024, Obligated Amount: $50000; Anticipated Amount: $50000

Chicago Center for Health and Environment (CACHET), University of Chicago., 6/15/2022 - 3/31/2024, Obligated Amount: $1732094; Anticipated Amount: $1732094

Selected Publications

Pierre, Herma C, Amrine, Chiraz Soumia M, Doyle, Michael G, Salvi, Amrita, Raja, Huzefa A, Chekan, Jonathan R, Huntsman, Andrew C, Fuchs, James R, Liu, Kebin, Burdette, Joanna E, Pearce, Cedric J, Oberlies, Nicholas H. (2024). Verticillins: fungal epipolythiodioxopiperazine alkaloids with chemotherapeutic potential. Natural Product Reports. doi:10.1039/d3np00068k.

Burdette, Joanna. (2024). Abstract A047: Modeling the role of the fallopian tube in the prevention and spread of high grade serous cancer using a multi-organ platform. Cancer Research, 84, (5_Supplement_2), a047-a047. doi:10.1158/1538-7445.ovarian23-a047.

Haughan, Monica A, Lusk, Hannah, Bergsten, Tova M, Levy, Sarah E, Klingelhutz, Aloysius J, Sanchez, Laura M, Burdette, Joanna E. (2024). Abstract B032: Probing the molecular crosstalk between ovarian cancer and omentum. Cancer Research, 84, (5_Supplement_2), b032-b032. doi:10.1158/1538-7445.ovarian23-b032.

Zha, Didi, Sipes, Jared, Rayamajhi, Sagar, Bantis, Leonidas E, Russo, Angela, Pathak, Harsh, Godwin, Andrew K, Burdette, Joanna E. (2024). Abstract B041: Modeling the malignant transformation of fallopian tube epithelium driven by extracellular vesicles cargos in an organ-on-chip microphysiological system. Cancer Research, 84, (5_Supplement_2), b041-b041. doi:10.1158/1538-7445.ovarian23-b041.

Salvi, Amrita, Li, Wenping, Cologna, Stephanie M, Pavone, Mary Ellen, Duncan, Francesca E, Burdette, Joanna E. (2024). Abstract PR-008: Follicular fluid aids in cell adhesion, spreading and shows an age-dependent effect on DNA damage in fallopian tube epithelial cells. Cancer Research, 84, (5_Supplement_2), pr-008-pr-008. doi:10.1158/1538-7445.ovarian23-pr-008.

Russo, Angela, Moy, Junlone, Khin, Manead, Dorsey, Timothy R, Lopez, Alfredo-Carrero, Burdette, Joanna E. (2024). Loss of PTEN increases LOXL2 expression enhancing the growth of fallopian tube epithelial cells as 3D spheroids. Cancer Pathogenesis and Therapy. doi:10.1016/j.cpt.2024.03.003.

Salvi, Amrita, Li, Wenping, Dipali, Shweta S, Cologna, Stephanie M, Pavone, Mary Ellen, Duncan, Francesca E, Burdette, Joanna E. (2024). Follicular fluid aids cell adhesion, spreading in an age independent manner and shows an age-dependent effect on DNA damage in fallopian tube epithelial cells. Heliyon, 10, (6), e27336. doi:10.1016/j.heliyon.2024.e27336.

Ren, Yulin, Kaweesa, Elizabeth N, Henkin, Joshua M, Sydara, Kongmany, Xayvue, Mouachanh, Pandey, Pankaj, Chittiboyina, Amar G, Ali, Zulfiqar, Ferreira, Daneel, Soejarto, Djaja D, Burdette, Joanna E, Kinghorn, A Douglas. (2024). Cytotoxic leuconoxine-type diazaspiroindole alkaloids isolated from Cryptolepis dubia. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 101, 129650. doi:10.1016/j.bmcl.2024.129650.

Gurgul, Aleksandra, Khin, Manead, Souliya, Onevilay, Sydara, Kongmany, Burdette, Joanna E, Johnson, Jeremy J, Che, Chun-Tao. (2024). Acetogenins from the Stem of Uvaria rufa and Their Cytotoxic Activity. Journal of Natural Products, 87, (2), 207-216. doi:10.1021/acs.jnatprod.3c00838.