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Photo of Michael Buege

Michael Buege

Clinical Assistant Professor, College of Pharmacy


Office Phone:

(312) 996-8971 (work)

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Selected Publications

Pak, TK, Dixon, BN, Buege, MJ, Dao, PH, Leary, MH, Jarrett, JC, Duggan, TA, Caron, P, Falchi, L, Hamlin, P, Hamilton, A, Matasar, MJ, Moskowitz, A, Noy, A, Owens, CN, Von Keudell, G, Younes, A, Zelenetz, AD, Kumar, A. (2022). Successful implementation of outpatient R ± DHAX (rituximab, dexamethasone, oxaliplatin, cytarabine) for select patients with lymphoma: a single-center experience. Leukemia and Lymphoma, 63, (4), 876-884. doi:10.1080/10428194.2021.2002318.

Buege, MJ, Dao, PH, Drill, E, LeVoir, A, Pak, T, Peterson, TJ, Straus, DJ. (2021). IVAC With or Without Rituximab for Relapsed or Refractory B-Cell Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas: Real-World Experience in the Modern Era. Clinical Lymphoma, Myeloma and Leukemia, 21, (12), 873-878. doi:10.1016/j.clml.2021.07.024.

Villa, D, Jiang, A, Crosbie, N, Rule, S, McCulloch, R, Visco, C, Buege, MJ, Kumar, A, Bond, D, Paludo, J, Maurer, MJ, Thanarajasingam, G, Baech, J, El‐Galaly, T, Kugathasan, L, Gerrie, AS, Lewis, D. (2021). TIME TO SECOND LINE BRUTON TYROSINE KINASE THERAPY AND AGE AT ITS INITIATION ARE STRONGLY ASSOCIATED WITH SUBSEQUENT OVERALL SURVIVAL IN PATIENTS WITH FIRST RELAPSE OF MANTLE CELL LYMPHOMA. Hematological Oncology, 39, (S2). doi:10.1002/hon.59_2880.

Buege, MJ, Dao, PH, Drill, E, Horwitz, SM, LeVoir, A, Pak, T, Peterson, TJ, Matasar, MJ. (2021). CARDIOTOXICITY RISK IN PATIENTS WITH NON‐HODGKIN LYMPHOMA RECEIVING EPOCH AFTER PRIOR ANTHRACYCLINE EXPOSURE. Hematological Oncology, 39, (S2). doi:10.1002/hon.193_2880.

Farina, KA, Drill, E, Buie, LW, Falchi, L, Kumar, A, Noy, A, Palomba, ML, Salles, G, Straus, DJ, Zelenetz, AD, Buege, MJ, Batlevi, CL. (2021). BENDAMUSTINE, RITUXIMAB, AND POLATUZUMAB VEDOTIN FOR RELAPSED OR REFRACTORY DIFFUSE LARGE B‐CELL LYMPHOMA: SINGLE‐CENTER REAL‐WORLD EXPERIENCE. Hematological Oncology, 39, (S2). doi:10.1002/hon.87_2880.

Yerram, P, Thackray, J, Modelevsky, LR, Land, JD, Reiss, SN, Spatz, KH, Levoir, AC, Pak, TK, Dao, PH, Buege, MJ, Derespiris, LM, Lau, C, Orozco, JS, Boparai, M, Koranteng, LA, Reichert, KE, Yan, SQ, Daukshus, NP, Mathew, S, Buie, LW, Tizon, RF, Freeswick, S, Liu, D, Harnicar, S. (2021). Outpatient clinical pharmacy practice in the face of COVID-19 at a cancer center in New York City. Journal of Oncology Pharmacy Practice, 27, (2), 389-394. doi:10.1177/1078155220987625.

Buege, Michael J, Dao, Phuong, Dematteo, Raymond G, LeVoir, Andrea, Pak, Terry, Batlevi, Connie Lee, Hamilton, Audrey, Hamlin, Paul A, Horwitz, Steven M, Joffe, Erel, Johnson, William T, Khan, Niloufer, Kumar, Anita, Lee, Christina Y, Matasar, Matthew J, Moskowitz, Alison J, Noy, Ariela, Owens, Colette, Palomba, M Lia, Straus, David J, Keudell, Gottfriedvon, Zelenetz, Andrew D, Grommes, Christian, Sauter, Craig S, Salles, Gilles, Falchi, Lorenzo. (2021). Impact of Choice of Platinum-Based Salvage Therapy on CNS Relapse in Patients with Relapsed or Refractory Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma. BLOOD, 138. doi:10.1182/blood-2021-147527.

Buege, MJ, Kumar, A, Dixon, BN, Tang, LA, Pak, T, Orozco, J, Peterson, TJ, Maples, KT. (2020). Management of Mantle Cell Lymphoma in the Era of Novel Oral Agents. Annals of Pharmacotherapy, 54, (9), 879-898. doi:10.1177/1060028020909117.

Peterson, TJ, Orozco, J, Buege, M. (2020). Selinexor: A First-in-Class Nuclear Export Inhibitor for Management of Multiply Relapsed Multiple Myeloma. Annals of Pharmacotherapy, 54, (6), 577-582. doi:10.1177/1060028019892643.


PharmD, Drake University, United States, 2016

Postgraduate Training:
PGY1 Pharmacy Residency, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, United States, 2017
PGY2 Oncology Pharmacy Residency, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, United States, 2018

Licensures and Certifications

Board Certified Oncology Pharmacist, Board of Pharmacy Specialties, Date Not Set - Present