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Photo of Renee P. Gimbar

Renee P. Gimbar

Clinical Associate Professor, College of Pharmacy - Pharmacy Practice



833 S. Wood Street, Suite 164 M/C 886, Chicago, IL

Office Phone:

(312) 413-9828 (work)

About Heading link

Dr. Petzel Gimbar has been a practicing emergency medicine and medical toxicology clinical pharmacist since 2006. She has initiated ED pharmacy services at two academic medical centers before returning to UIC in 2011. She is passionate about bedside teaching and training emergency medicine pharmacists to be leaders in the profession practicing at the top of their license.

Research Interests:
acute toxicologic overdose management, acute manifestations of chronic medical conditions managed in the ED

Teaching and Supervision Heading link

Critical Care I (PMPR 430), 1/9/2023 – 4/28/2023
Clinical Toxicology (PMPR 345), 1/9/2023 – 4/28/2023
Critical Care I (PMPR 430), 1/9/2023 – 4/28/2023
Phar 510 PDAT 10, 1/10/2022 – 1/28/2022
PMPR 430 Critical Care, 1/10/2022 – 4/29/2022
Phar 505, 1/10/2022 – 5/6/2022
Critical Care, 1/10/2022 – 5/6/2022
Phar 414, 1/10/2022 – 5/2/2022
APPE PMPR 320 Advanced Medicine Emergency Medicine, 5/17/2021 – 5/13/2022

Selected Grants

HEED the Glucagon Access Program (HEED the GAP), Xeris Pharmaceuticals., 4/4/2022 - 4/3/2023, Obligated Amount: $106000; No Anticipated Amount Set

Hypoglycemia Events in the Emergency Department (HEED), Xeris Pharmaceuticals, Inc., 1/16/2020 - 12/15/2020, Obligated Amount: $50000; Anticipated Amount: $50000

Targeting of UnControlled Hypertension in Emergency Department (TOUCHED), National Institutes of Health (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute)., 9/15/2019 - 8/31/2023, Obligated Amount: $2138775; Anticipated Amount: $2195268

Targeting of UnControlled Hypertension in Emergency Department (TOUCHED), National Institutes of Health (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute)., 9/5/2018 - 8/31/2019, Obligated Amount: $505284; Anticipated Amount: $505284

Hypertension Emergency Department Intervention Aimed at Decreasing Disparities (AHEAD2), National Institutes of Health (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute)., 9/8/2015 - 2/28/2018, Obligated Amount: $586893; Anticipated Amount: $586893

ABSSSI Practice Pattern Assessment Project, Durata Therapeutics., 7/1/2014 - 12/15/2014, Obligated Amount: $7500; Anticipated Amount: $7500

Selected Publications

Maheswaran, AB, Gimbar, RP, Eisenberg, Y, Lin, J. (2022). Hypoglycemic Events in the Emergency Department. Endocrine Practice, 28, (4), 372-377. doi:10.1016/j.eprac.2022.01.006.

Posen, AK, Paloucek, FP, Petzel, R. (2022). Anion gap physiology and faults of the correction formula. American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy, 79, (6), 446-451. doi:10.1093/ajhp/zxab423.

Posen, A, Benken, S, Kaluzna, SD, Sabouni, M, Miglo, J, Cai, J, Gimbar, RP. (2022). Poor guideline adherence in a real-world evaluation of hypertensive emergency management. American Journal of Emergency Medicine, 51, 46-52. doi:10.1016/j.ajem.2021.09.073.

Prendergast, HM, Escobar-Schulz, S, Del Rios, M, Petzel-Gimbar, R, McPherson, C, Jackson, M, Terrell, KL, Heinert, SW. (2021). Community Targeting of Uncontrolled Hypertension: Results of a Hypertension Screening and Education Intervention in Community Churches Serving Predominantly Racial/Ethnic Minority Populations. Health Promotion Practice, 22, (5), 714-723. doi:10.1177/1524839920933897.

Prendergast, HM, Petzel-Gimbar, R, Kitsiou, S, Del Rios, M, Lara, B, Jackson, M, Heinert, S, Carter, BL, Durazo-Arvizu, RA, Daviglus, M. (2021). Targeting of uncontrolled hypertension in the emergency department (TOUCHED): Design of a randomized controlled trial. Contemporary Clinical Trials, 102. doi:10.1016/j.cct.2021.106283.

Lichvar, AB, Patel, A, Pierce, D, Gimbar, RP, Tzvetanov, I, Benedetti, E, Campara, M. (2021). Factors Influencing Emergency Department Utilization and Hospital Re-Admissions in a Predominantly Obese, Racially Diverse Urban Renal Transplant Population. Progress in Transplantation, 31, (1), 72-79. doi:10.1177/1526924820978596.

Prendergast, Heather, Lara, Brenda, Khosla, Shaveta, Kitsiou, Spyros, Del Rios, Marina, Durazo-Arvizu, Ramon, Gimbar, Renee Petzel, Daviglus, Martha. (2020). Preliminary Data from a Randomized Controlled Trial for a Hypertension Education and Empowerment Intervention (TOUCHED) in an Urban, Academic Emergency Department: Opportunities in the era of COVID-19. Journal of the National Medical Association, 112, (5), s16-s17. doi:10.1016/j.jnma.2020.09.039.

Routsolias, JC, Gimbar, RP, Zell-Kanter, M. (2020). Clinical Pharmacists: Essential During a Poison Outbreak. Journal of Medical Toxicology, 16, (4), 356-357. doi:10.1007/s13181-020-00793-5.

Cruz, A, Paloucek, FP, Petzel, R. (2020). Topical capsaicin for cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. Clinical Toxicology, 58, (9), 938. doi:10.1080/15563650.2019.1707220.

Professional Leadership

ACCP EM PRN Awards Committee, 9/1/2021 - Present

American College of Medical Toxicology Voluntary Service Recognition, 4/1/2021 - 4/8/2022

Scientific Review Committee, 10/18/2019 - Present

ACMT Annual Scientific Meeting Abstract Reviewer, 10/1/2019 - Present

AACT Scientific Content Committee, 9/24/2019 - Present

ACMT Education Committee, 6/1/2016 - Present

American College of Medical Toxicology, 6/1/2016 - Present

ACCP EMED PRN Programming Committee, 1/1/2016 - Present

AACT Continuing Healthcare Education Committee, 7/1/2015 - Present

Notable Honors

2021, 2019-2020 UIC PGY1 Preceptor of the Year Award, University of Illinois at Chicago

2020, UI Health Care Award, UI Health

2019, Fellow American Academy of Clinical Toxicology, American Academy of Clinical Toxicology

2019, Fredrick P Siegel Innovative Teaching Award, University of Illinois at Chicago College of Pharmacy


PharmD, University of Illinois at Chicago, United States, 2004
Undergraduate Prepharmacy Coursework, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA, 2000

Postgraduate Training:
PGY-1 Pharmacy Practice Residency, University of Illinois College of Pharmacy, United States, 2005
PGY2 Emergency Medicine Specialty Residency, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, United States, 2006