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Photo of Todd A. Lee

Todd A. Lee

Professor and Head, College of Pharmacy - Pharmacy Systems Outcomes and Policy
Professor, College of Pharmacy - Pharmacy Systems, Outcomes and Policy



Chicago, IL, 60612

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Dr. Todd Lee is Professor and Head in the Department of Pharmacy Systems, Outcomes, and Policy. Dr. Lee’s research focuses on patient outcomes from the use of medications with interest in both safety and costs and the intersection of the two disciplines. He has conducted both observational and interventional research across a variety of therapeutic areas including COPD, asthma, diabetes, cancer, and mental illness with particular interest in understanding the impact of the co-occurrence of multiple chronic conditions. He has received research funding from organizations that include the National Institute of Health, Department of Veterans Affairs, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Research Interests:
Pharmacoepidemiology, drug safety

Teaching and Supervision Heading link

CER Ethics and Privacy (PSOP 400), 8/22/2022 – 12/2/2022
Ph.D. Thesis Research (PSOP 599), 8/22/2022 – 12/2/2022
Independent Study (PSOP 596), 8/22/2022 – 12/2/2022
Spec Topic Pharm Syst Outcomes (PSOP 594), 8/22/2022 – 12/2/2022
Res in Pharm Syst Outcomes Pol (PSOP 380), 8/22/2022 – 12/2/2022
Seminar Pharm Syst Outcome Pol (PSOP 595), 8/22/2022 – 12/2/2022
Ph.D. Thesis Research (PSOP 599), 5/16/2022 – 7/21/2022
Independent Study (PSOP 596), 5/16/2022 – 7/21/2022
Pharmacy&US Healthcare System (PHAR 461), 2/14/2022 – 4/29/2022

Selected Grants

UIC Prescription Monitoring Academic Detailing - contract 49I1127M40, Illinois Department of Human Services., 12/30/2020 - 8/31/2023, Obligated Amount: $510000; Anticipated Amount: $510000

OD2A Year 2 and 3 Evaluation IGA, Illinois Department of Public Health., 9/1/2020 - 8/31/2022, Obligated Amount: $600000; Anticipated Amount: $600000

Pilot Project for Academic Detailing, Illinois Department of Public Health., 7/1/2020 - 6/30/2021, Obligated Amount: $110000; Anticipated Amount: $110000

2020 - 2021 Institute for Clinical and Economic Review Consulting Agreement, Institute for Clinical and Economic Review., 1/1/2020 - 12/31/2021, Obligated Amount: $425000; Anticipated Amount: $425000

Impacting the Prescribing of Opioids through Academic Detailing, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention., 9/30/2019 - 9/29/2023, Obligated Amount: $2297565; Anticipated Amount: $2297565

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention., 9/2019 - 9/2022, Obligated Amount: $2300000; No Anticipated Amount Set

OD2A Year 1 Evaluation IGA, Illinois Department of Public Health., 9/1/2019 - 8/31/2020, Obligated Amount: $300000; Anticipated Amount: $300000

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention., 9/2019 - 8/2018, Obligated Amount: $5615555; No Anticipated Amount Set

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention., 9/2019 - 8/2018, Obligated Amount: $5615555; No Anticipated Amount Set

Selected Publications

Pacheco, E, Sohn, AJ, Wells, C, Sharp, LK, Madrid, S, Lee, TA, Chen, YF, Yawn, BP, Garcia, D, Shim, K, Quesada, N, Joo, MJ. (2022). Design of the reducing diagnostic error to improve patient safety (REDEfINE) in COPD and asthma study: A cluster randomized comparative effectiveness trial. Contemporary Clinical Trials, 123. doi:10.1016/j.cct.2022.106971.

Yan, CH, Lee, TA, Sharp, LK, Hubbard, CC, Evans, CT, Calip, GS, Rowan, SA, McGregor, JC, Gellad, WF, Suda, KJ. (2022). Trends in Opioid Prescribing by General Dentists and Dental Specialists in the U.S., 2012–2019. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 63, (1), 3-12. doi:10.1016/j.amepre.2022.01.009.

Yan, CH, Hubbard, CC, Lee, TA, Sharp, LK, Evans, CT, Calip, GS, Rowan, SA, McGregor, JC, Gellad, WF, Suda, KJ. (2022). Impact of Hydrocodone Rescheduling on Dental Prescribing of Opioids. JDR Clinical and Translational Research. doi:10.1177/23800844221102830.

Martin, MT, Waring, N, Forrest, J, Nazari, JL, Abdelaziz, AI, Lee, TA. (2022). Sustained Virologic Response Rates Before and After Removal of Sobriety Restriction for Hepatitis C Virus Treatment Access. Public Health Reports. doi:10.1177/00333549221099323.

Yan, CH, Ramanathan, S, Suda, KJ, Khouja, T, Rowan, SA, Evans, CT, Lee, TA, Calip, GS, Gellad, WF, Sharp, LK. (2022). Barriers to and facilitators of opioid prescribing by dentists in the United States: A qualitative study. Journal of the American Dental Association. doi:10.1016/j.adaj.2022.05.009.

Talon, B, Calip, GS, Lee, TA, Sharp, LK, Patel, P, Touchette, DR. (2021). Trend in Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Utilization, Price, and Out-of-Pocket Costs in Patients with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia. JCO Oncology Practice, 17, (11), E1811-E1820. doi:10.1200/OP.20.00967.

Alobaidi, A, Pickard, AS, Jarrett, JB, Lee, TA. (2021). Hospitalizations for opioid-related overdose and timing of concurrent opioid and benzodiazepine use: A nested case-control study. Pharmacotherapy, 41, (9), 722-732. doi:10.1002/phar.2608.

Moran, KM, Calip, GS, Lee, TA, Koronkowski, MJ, Lau, DT, Schumock, GT. (2021). Risk of fall-related injury and all-cause hospitalization of select concomitant central nervous system medication prescribing in older adult persistent opioid users: A case-time-control analysis. Pharmacotherapy, 41, (9), 733-742. doi:10.1002/phar.2612.

Burney, P, Patel, J, Minelli, C, Gnatiuc, L, Amaral, AFS, Kocabaş, A, Cherkaski, HH, Gulsvik, A, Nielsen, R, Bateman, E, Jithoo, A, Mortimer, K, Sooronbaev, TM, Lawin, H, Nejjari, C, Elbiaze, M, El Rhazi, K, Zheng, JP, Ran, P, Welte, T, Obaseki, D, Erhabor, G, Elsony, A, Osman, NB, Ahmed, R, Nizankowska-Mogilnicka, E, Mejza, F, Mannino, DM, Bárbara, C, Wouters, EFM, Idolor, LF, Loh, LC, Rashid, A, Juvekar, S, Gislason, T, Al Ghobain, M, Studnicka, M, Harrabi, I, Denguezli, M, Koul, PA, Jenkins, C, Marks, G, Jõgi, R, Hafizi, H, Janson, C, Tan, WC, Aquart-Stewart, A, Mbatchou, B, Nafees, AA, Gunasekera, K, Seemungal, T, Anand, MP, Enright, P, Vollmer, WM, Blangiardo, M, Elfadaly, FG, Buist, AS, Aliko, A, Bardhi, D, Tafa, H, Thanasi, N, Mezini, A, Teferici, A, Todri, D, Nikolla, J, Kazasi, R, Bengrait, A, Haddad, T, Zgaoula, I, Ghit, M, Roubhia, A, Boudra, S, Atoui, F, Yakoubi, R, Benali, R, Bencheikh, A, Ait-Khaled, N, Bird, T, Espinel, P, Hardaker, K, Toelle, B, Dawes, T, Lamprecht, B, Schirhofer, L, Islam, A, Ahmed, SM, Islam, S, Islam, QS, Mesbah-Ul-Haque, TR, Chowdhury, SK, Chatterjee, D, Mia, SC, Das, M, Rahman, N, Islam, S, Uddin, N, Islam, L, Khatun, M, Parvin, AA, Khan, . (2021). Prevalence and Population-Attributable Risk for Chronic Airflow Obstruction in a Large Multinational Study. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, 203, (11), 1353-1365. doi:10.1164/rccm.202005-1990OC.

Professional Leadership

Respiratory Measurement Advisory Panel, 2014 - 12/15/2019

Lon Larson Engaged Practitioner Award Selection Committee Selection Committee, 2013 - Present


PharmD Pharmacy, Drake University, United States, 1997
PhD, University of Washington, United States, 2001

Licensures and Certifications

Washington State Registered Pharmacist, Washington State, 1997 - 2016