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By The Numbers

Choosing a school is a hard decision. There is no magic formula for evaluating a college. There is no amount of data that will answer the basic question, "Is this place for me?" 

And yet it makes perfect sense to seek out all available information on an investment with the size and importance of a college education. We understand, and we want to help.

So here is a look at UIC College of Pharmacy by the numbers.


Ranking Organization Rank
startclass-logo.png 3
Pharmacy Technician.png 3
PCLogo.gif 9
study.png 5
Graduate Programs Formatted.jpg 8
US-News.jpg 6

Research Statistics

  • Disclosures during 2016/17: 24
  • Licenses and options during 2016/2017: 10
  • Patents filed during 2016/2017: 26
  • Patents issued during 2016/2017: 5

Doctor of Pharmacy Statistics

Class of 2017

  • There were a total of 187 graduates in the Class of 2017.
  • The average student in this class made the Dean’s List 4.75 times out of nine terms!
  • The on-time graduation rate was 99%.
  • Thirty four percent of the Class of 2017 earned a residency appointment!
  • Our survey data show that of the 186 graduates that responded:
    • One hundred twenty-four (66%) applied for a position by May 2017 and 83 (44%) accepted
      an offer.
    • Seven out of 186 (3%) applied to another academic program after graduation.
    • 85% of graduates were accepted into those programs.
    • Eighty two percent of graduates agreed or strongly agreed their satisfaction with their postgraduation plans.