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Photo of Alice N. Hemenway

Alice N. Hemenway

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice

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Teaching and Supervision Heading link

PDAT 1: Self-Care (PHAR 501), 1/9/2023 – 4/28/2023
Undergrad Resrch Pharm Pract (PMPR 380), 1/9/2023 – 4/28/2023
Clinical Applications (PHAR 520), 8/22/2022 – 12/2/2022
Clinical Applications (PHAR 520), 8/22/2022 – 12/2/2022
Clinical Applications (PHAR 520), 8/22/2022 – 12/2/2022
Clinical Applications (PHAR 520), 8/22/2022 – 12/2/2022
Spec Project in Pharm Pract (PMPR 390), 1/10/2022 – 4/29/2022
Drugs in Society (PHAR 201), 1/10/2022 – 4/29/2022
PDAT 8 (PHAR 508), 9/6/2021 – Present

Selected Grants

Investing in the Recruitment/Retention of Top Talent to the Profession of Pharmacy, Community Foundation of Northern Illinois., 12/13/2017 - 2/15/2022, Obligated Amount: $38870; No Anticipated Amount Set

Selected Publications

Hemenway, AN, Meyer-Junco, L. (2022). Can we do it all? Reflections on the development of a collaborative, three day a week internal medicine rounding experience. Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning, 14, (12), 1555-1558. doi:10.1016/j.cptl.2022.10.014.

Hemenway, AN, Stewart, RL. (2022). Reflections on implementation of a failure-point-focused outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy management program. Antimicrobial Stewardship and Healthcare Epidemiology, 2, (1). doi:10.1017/ash.2022.304.

Carson, E, Hemenway, AN. (2022). A Scoping Review of Pharmacological Management of Postacute Sequelae of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Infection in 2021. American Journal of Therapeutics, 29, (3), E305-E321. doi:10.1097/MJT.0000000000001486.

Hemenway, AN, Meyer-Junco, L, Zobeck, B, Pop, M. (2022). Utilizing social and behavioral change methods in clinical pharmacy initiatives. JACCP Journal of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy, 5, (4), 450-458. doi:10.1002/jac5.1593.

Hemenway, AN, DuBois, DL. (2022). A Scoping Review of the Use of Social and Behavioral Change in Acute Care Antimicrobial Stewardship Initiatives. Hospital Pharmacy, 57, (1), 138-145. doi:10.1177/0018578721990887.

Hemenway, AN, Kandil, MM, MacDowell, M. (2021). The Association of Medication Knowledge and Adherence Scores With Hospital Readmission. Hospital Pharmacy, 56, (4), 205-209. doi:10.1177/0018578719883808.

Pop, M, Hemenway, A, Shakeel, F. (2021). Probable parenteral and oral contrast-induced Steven Johnson syndrome/toxic epidermal necrolysis. American Journal of Emergency Medicine, 45, 684.e5-684.e6. doi:10.1016/j.ajem.2020.12.044.

Hemenway, Alice N, Fox, Haley, Hill, Ryan, Punches, Jacquelyn, Olson, Heidi R. (2021). Student training for community screening events: Asynchronous and live training comparison. Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning. doi:10.1016/j.cptl.2021.03.008.

Carson, E, Hemenway, AN. (2019). Recent Evidence Examining Efficacy and Safety of Aspirin for Primary Cardiovascular Disease Prevention. Annals of Pharmacotherapy, 53, (7), 738-745. doi:10.1177/1060028018825140.

Professional Leadership

Commercial Bias Reviewer (International Symposium-Antimicrobial Resistance), 2/8/2022 - Present

Commercial Bias Reviewer (International Symposium-Antimicrobial Resistance), 3/6/2021 - Present

Infectious Diseases PRN Awards Committee, 1/1/2021 - Present

Interorganizational and Engagement Committee, 1/1/2019 - 12/31/2021


Doctor of Pharmacy, Purdue University, United States
Masters in Public Health, University of Illinois at Chicago, United States

Postgraduate Training:
Infectious Diseases Specialty Residency, Indiana University Health- Methodist Hospital, United States
ASHP Accredited Pharmacy Practice Residency, Indiana University Health, United States

Licensures and Certifications

Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist, Board of Pharmacy Specialties, Date Not Set - Present
Board Certified Infectious Diseases Pharmacist, Board of Pharmacy Specialties, Date Not Set - Present