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A breadth of study areas & depth of faculty expertise, allowing students to both explore & specialize.

Whether you’re earning a PharmD or pursuing one of our master’s or doctorate degrees, you can count on being taught by award-winning faculty whose work is shaping the future of the field. You can also count on gaining valuable hands-on experience, building a powerful professional network, and knowing that you have what it takes to refine an expertise and dive into your career. 

What students do here (and why it matters)

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Transitioning Students to the Professional World

Transitioning Students to the Professional World

"Oftentimes, students do not realize the vast potential of employment pathways. These students need someone to come alongside them, to guide them and answer their questions. We can make this happen."

-Dr. Nick G. Popovich, Associate Dean for Professional Development, on the importance of mentorship and professional development.

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