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Course Requirements

Courses required for the bachelor's degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences are listed below.

See the Sample Plan of Study for an example of a possible course sequence or schedule for a BSPS student.

BS in Pharmaceutical Sciences 
Summary of Degree RequirementsRequired Semester Hours  
     I. Pre-Pharmaceutical Sciences 58-60
     II. Pharmaceutical Sciences Major50-52
     III. Electives 8-12
Total Semester Hours 120 
I. Pre-Pharmaceutical Sciences Requirements  
ENGL 160: Academic Writing I: Writing in Academic and Public Contexts 
ENGL 161: Academic Writing II: Writing for Inquiry and Research 
Select one of the following: 
     COMM 100: Fundamentals of Human Communication a  
     COMM 102: Introduction to Interpersonal Communication a    
CHEM 122: General Chemistry I Lecture b  
CHEM 123: General Chemistry I Laboratory b  
CHEM 124: General Chemistry II Lecture b  
CHEM 125: General Chemistry II Laboratory b  
BIOS 110: Biology of Cells and Organisms c  
BIOS 120: Biology of Populations and Communities c  
CHEM 232: Organic Chemistry I 
CHEM 233: Organic Chemistry Laboratory I 
CHEM 234: Organic Chemistry II 3
Select one of the following: 3-4 
     PHYS 118: Physics in Modern Medicine c   
     PHYS 131: Introductory Physics for Life Sciences I c  
     PHYS 141: General Physics I (Mechanics)  c
Select one of the following: 4-5 
     MATH 165: Calculus for Business c
     MATH 170: Calculus for the Life Sciences c 
     MATH 180: Calculus I c 
Select one of the following: 
     STAT 101: Introduction to Statistics 
     STAT 130: Introduction to Statistics for the Life Sciences 
Two General Education courses d   
PHAR 200: Introduction to Pharmaceutical Sciences e   
or One General Education course f
PHAR 201: Drugs and Society e  
or One General Education course f
Total Semester Hours - Pre-Pharmaceutical Sciences58-60 
a  Course approved for the Understanding the Individual and Society General Education category.  
b  Each of the following pairs of courses will be considered one course in meeting the Analyzing the Natural World General Education category: CHEM 122/CHEM 123 and CHEM 124/CHEM 125. 
c Course approved for the Analyzing the Natural World General Education category.  
d  Students should select courses in two of the following General Education categories: Understanding the Creative Arts, Understanding the Past, Understanding US Society, and Exploring World Cultures.  
e  UIC students who plan to apply to the BS should complete PHAR 200 and PHAR 201.  
f  Non-UIC students who plan to apply to the BS should complete two additional courses that fulfil UIC General Education requirements (i.e., students must earn a minimum of 24 hours of General Education credit with at least one course in each of the six categories: Analyzing the Natural World, Understanding the Individual and Society, Understanding the Creative Arts, Understanding the Past, Understanding US Society, and Exploring World Cultures. PHAR 200 and PHAR 201 will be completed after admission to the BSPS. 
II. Pharmaceutical Sciences Major Requirements   Required Semester Hours 
BIOS 350: General Microbiology 
BIOS 351: Microbiology Laboratory 
Select one of the following:3
     BIOS 352 (CHEM 352): Introductory Biochemistry
     BIOS 452 (CHEM 452): Biochemistry I 
Select one of the following anatomy and physiology sequences 8-10 
     KN 230, 232: Anatomy and Physiology I &  KN 231, 233: Anatomy and Physiology II
     KN 251: Human Physiological Anatomy I &  KN 252: Human Physiological Anatomy II 
     KN 253: Human Anatomy and Physiology I &  KN 254: Human Anatomy and Physiology II 
Select one of the following:
(Note: Students must earn 3 hours in a single course, but may earn the credit over multiple semesters.)
     PSCI 300: Undergraduate Research in Biopharmaceutical Sciences
     PSOP 300: Undergraduate Research in Pharmacy Systems, Outcomes and Policy
     PMPR 300: Undergraduate Research in Pharmacy Practice
PHAR 200: Introduction to Pharmaceutical Sciences  3  
PHAR 201: Drugs and Society  
PHAR 410: Integrated Physiology 
PHAR 422: Fundamentals of Drug Action 
PHAR 431: Pharmaceutics Principles, Drug Delivery Systems, and Calculations 
PHAR 435: Pharmacokinetics 
PHAR 423: Biomedical Chemistry 
PHAR 432: Pharmaceutics II – Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms and Calculations 
PHAR 438: Introduction to Drug Information 
PHAR 461: Pharmacy and the U.S. Healthcare System 
Select one of the following:3
     BIOS 220 (Genetics)
     BIOS 416 (Natural Products)
     BIOS 450 (Advanced Microbiology)
     BIOS 458 (Biotechnology and Drug Discovery)
Total Semester Hours - Pharmaceutical Sciences Major 50-52 
III. Electives Requirements    Required Semester Hours  
Electives to reach minimum total required hours8-12
Total Semester Hours - Electives 8-12