Admission Requirements

To be considered for admissions to the UIC PharmD program in Chicago or Rockford, prospective students must do the following.

COVID-19 PharmD Admission Update

The following changes have been implemented for anyone seeking Fall 2020 admission to the UIC College of Pharmacy PharmD Program.


  1. No PCAT – Applicants with no PCAT scores will be reviewed and considered for Fall 2020 admission.
  2. PharmCAS Application Deadline Extended – The UIC College of Pharmacy PharmCAS application deadline has been extended to July 1, 2020.
  3. Prerequisite Courses – The following changes have been implemented for prerequisite courses.
  • CR (credit) or P (pass) grades in prerequisite courses taken during the Spring and Summer 2020 will be accepted.
  • C- grades in prerequisite courses will be accepted and will not need to be repeated.
  • Summer 2020 prerequisite courses, including online courses, will be accepted.

Effective for Fall 2020 Admission

Effective for the Fall 2020 admission, the UIC College of Pharmacy will no longer be require the Advanced Biology requirement which included one Genetics, Molecular Biology or Cellular Biology course.  We will be updating the pre-pharmacy coursework guides, so please disregard the “Advanced Biology” requirement listed on them.

Additional application requirements when applying to the PharmD Program